Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Playing: Sinking Ships-General Fiasco
Reading: For Esme-With Love and Squalor by JD Salinger
I was inspired by SEA OF SHOES latest post, where she shows her favorite shoes from this season, at least the sale shoes. So I went through my magazine cut outs, my look books, and my internet URLs that I've saved on my email to come up with this short list of my favorites.
1. Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Booties. I love the shorter chunky heel and that lovely purple color.
2. Yves Saint Laurent Jinny Suede Wedge. I like how the heel looks like it's leaning back and how the suede pieces resemble smooth pebbles.
3. Chloe Embellished T-bar Ballerina Flats. I'm not one to dream about flats, much less t-bar flats, but these Chloe flats look so sweet with their sparkly bows and are perfect for the holidays.
4. Alexander McQueen Sculpted Resin and Leather Sandals. These sandals look light as air to me and remind me of Greek goddesses. What's not to love?
5. Thakoon Velvet Ankle Boots. When I first saw these boots, it was love at first sight. Anything velvet and in navy blue make me want to melt, but a wonderful silhouette and simple buckle detailing as well? Perfection.
6. Alexander Wang Alice Rabbit Heels. This simple ladylike heel gets a real kick with the rabbit tassel. This heel is just too fun, but it's ladylike too.
7. Chloe Wedge Bootie. These can be dressed up or down and actually look like they could be comfortable. Great outdoorsy feel to them, but the leather and sude combo keeps it luxe.
8. Dolce & Gabbana Sequined Patent Leather Shoes. I really adore brogue style shoes and I love the glittery top and the buckles.
9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mocasso Tassle Boots. High heeled menswear style shoes have a librarian feel to them in the most darling of ways and I really  like the dark chocolate shade of this particular pair.
10. Lanvin Escarpen Heels.  The simple black allows the gold cutout heel to really shine and the double buckle looks doll-ish, but not too dolly. From the front, it'll look normal, but the side will surely have people complementing you all the time. Standout heels that will go with everything are hard to come by.
11. Miu Miu Trompe l'Oeil Ankle Boot. I prefer the glitter pair, but these are beautiful as well and much more versatile. The glitter boots are very much for the party scene, but these can be worn anywhere. I especially love the curved heel.
12. Acne Leather Spin Boots. I am super in love with curved heels right now and I like how the leather cutouts remind me of woodblock printing pictures. In a way, it reminds me of a sea monster.
13. Bottega Veneta Medium Brown Suede Peep Toe Booties. Love the minimalist design of this boot and the shade of brown is a great neutral for your everyday outfit. I think it would look great with blue-ish grey nail polish.


  1. i love #2 and #3 i LOVEEE the sparkly bows!!!!!!

    truthfully there's not a whole lot of fresh fish in germany either.. it's a very HEAVY meat mostly pork to be exact type of diet. :(

  2. Absolutely loving it all! Love the Owl City tune too!

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. Alexander McQueeen!!! Why. You. Dead.


  4. Lisa-I love those Chloe shoes so much! I would die to get a pair! That stinks that there isn't much fresh fish. Luckily, you're surrounded by beautiful buildings, so it's all good right? :)

    THE CHEAP-Haha, I used to be obsessed with Owl City! I assume you like them a lot? :3

    Ice Pandora-It's such a shame he hung himself. However, Sarah Burton is doing a great job as the head designer now. ^^

  5. oooh, i like the mocasso tassle boots!! so pretty.

  6. Ummmmm those shoes are awesome!!! So much fun!


  7. oh i want some velvet ankle boots like this blue ones they are really really fabulous!
    love and kiss,mary


  8. chantilly-I want them too! Haha, we should share a pair! XD

    P!nky-Yup, perfect for the holidays, huh? :3

    Mary Lou-Me too! Those are actually one of my favorites out of all those shoes! :D

  9. love this post! I saw the original on sea of shoes too! i feel inspired to make a sale shoe thing too! I am following you now on GFC! Hope we can follow each other!



  10. Satin and Salt-I loved the original on Sea of Shoes and I was surprised by how many of the shoes she picked were ones that I had been wanting! If you do a post, I'd love to see it! :D


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