Monday, January 9, 2012

Alexander Wang Reveal

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If you remember my other post, then you'll remember that I got a little something from my parents from the Alexander Wang flagship store. It was like an early Christmas present from them and the Big Apple.
Ooh, what could be inside? A purse? A plane? A male model?I like that it came with a storage bag because boxes can take up a lot of room, but I don't want to leave my goodies out in the garage or in my closet to collect dust or deal with weather, so a storage bag is perfect and desirable for me.
It's shoes! Beautiful leather shoes with a low heel. My mum is trying to curb my heel addiction by no longer allowing me to buy heels and by trying to find cute flats for me. I can be fairly adamant with my mum,  so we compromised and got shoes with very low heels.
A nice chocolate brown pair of flats with classic black patent leather cap toes make a great addition to my collection of black footwear. I must try to move out of the black zone.
The side buckles keep it looking different, but now I need to find socks that don't cover the back of my foot or maybe I'll wear these with tights. I've only worn them out once, but they're extremely comfortable. These shoes actually run a tad big because I'm usually a size 36 or 36.5, but these fit me just fine and they're a 35.
There were only two pairs of these shoes left in 35 and 39, so I'm glad I got them and not someone else. There was a girl there that looked like Annasophia Robb and was wearing a panda hat that was planning on getting these, but then she decided they weren't her style. Her mum wanted them so badly but was a 37, so these were too small, but the 39 were too big. Both of them were glad, when I decided to get these.
Just one more detail shot. I like the discreet branding on the bottom and how it isn't too flashy like the bright red of Louboutin shoes. I just really love how Alexander Wang will take something classic and put his spin on it. I like how these shoes look simple until you see it from the side and how there's no way to know they're from him unless you look inside the shoe or at the sole of them. Even my Converse are more flashy with their brand names than these and I like that.Thanks for reading and I'll try to get something more interesting out to you!


  1. OHHH Congrats those are soo cute!!!

  2. the shoes look so classy and stylish ^^ thanks for the comment :3

  3. You lucky girl! Those look amazing!

  4. whoaaaa niceeee :D !!!very stylish :D

  5. Cindy-Thank you! :)

    Lisa-Thanks! I love them! ♥

    Hello Naka-You're welcome! I'm glad you're blogging again. ^^

    rolala-They're pretty amazing so far for me in terms of style and comfort.

    Elisa ♥-Yup! :D


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