Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black Friday

Playing: All I want for Christmas is You-My Chemical Romance
Reading: After the Quake by Haruki Murakami
Hello everyone! Wow, this is so late and to tell you the truth, I am extremely behind on mu blogging. I've been doing more this school year than ever before, which means I have more to blog about, but less time too! Crazy contradictions! For Black Friday shopping, I went the day afterwards with my friends to avoid all the traffic and psycho shoppers.
We spent more time messing around at Forever 21 than anything else because Forever 21 has so much clothing that we just had to play dress up. I styled Tina in as much black as possible to try to make her look Gothic. A few hooker dresses and layers later, she looked non-scandalous and here she is! Unfortunately, my camera doesn't take decent photos in the dark or in poor light, so the other outfits I made for her in all black came out blurry...
Afterwards, we went to Champagne bakery to get a quick snack. Unfortunately, my cake was very plain in its flavor and I got bored with it quickly. Tina experienced the same problem with her cake, so we just messed around with our cakes trying to make a snowman out of it.
I ended up bringing my mum back to the mall to get me the items I had wanted, but was too cheap to buy. I feel tremendous guilt for buying things other than food, so I need my parents to be there to tell me it's alright. Karl Lagerfield for impulse was 50% off, so my mum bought the two tops that I had wanted originally, but was too cheap to buy. Heh heh, now I have three pieces from his collaboration!
After that, my mum indulged my interest in whimsical pants by purchasing a pair of mustard jeans and a pair of maroon jeans from Mango for me. I've worn the maroon pair quite a bit already and I like how they actually look good with quite a few different looks, but the mustard pair are a tad harder. The only thing about buying colored denim is they bleed in the washing machine, so now my family has multicolored towels and sheets...I wonder how much more my denim collection will grow. Hopefully not too much because whenever I wear these pants to school, I get queer looks from everyone.
Have your purchased anything of great interest recently?


  1. I love maroon jeans! I got some excellent Topshop buys I'm going to post them soon xx

  2. Josie-Ooh, I love Topshop things, but I can never get myself to buy items online because I want to try them on. Do you have a Topshop shop nearby?

    khaleesi style-Thank you!

  3. so cute that outfit is adorable!!!

    i heart oringina hahaha..

    actually it's a hello kitty book that a friend gave me a few years ago.. she wrote all sorts of amusing antedotes on the inside of the book hehe :)

  4. Love queers looking at you? Not sure if that is bad news =w=

    Plain taste of the cake? It looks nice in my eyes tho!

    I wish we have a F21 in my country :(
    Kindo love the colorfull jeans lately! Very Summer ^^

    I guess the haul from my trip Hong Kong is probablly the most interesting buyings :P


  5. Lisa-Orangina is one of my favorite drinks! It's so refreshing and wakes me up! Thank you for replying to my comment because I was really wondering. Haha :)

    Ice Pandora-I didn't mean queer looks as in getting looks from gay men because if I was, I'd take that as a compliment, since they've got great style! I meant "weird looks" from kids at school because they think I'm odd. I would love to see your haul. HK has such darling clothing. :3

  6. love the zig zag blouse :)

  7. jas-Same here! It has a real Beetlejuice vibe to it. :D


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