Sunday, January 22, 2012

New York Afternoon+Night of Day 2

Playing: Forever Young-Cash Cash
Reading: Big Fish by Daniel Wallace
On the afternoon of Day 2, we met up with my uncle, aunt, and their twin daughters. It took us some time to find them because their were so many tourists at the place we agreed to meet at. Surprised we found them at all. My yellow pants and my cousin's lime green jacket probably helped us find each other.
When I look at the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center, I think about Holden Caulfield's date with Sally Hayes. Yes, I am going to make a nerdy allusion. Anyways, I have plans to go ice skating here with one of my guy friends, when I'm older. He will wear a red hunting hat and hopefully, teach me how to ice skate.
My dad and I admired the suits in Ferragamo's window, while we walked to Trump Tower with everyone else. I really like men in suits and my dad likes wearing suits, so we often discuss suits together. Advice from a man (and by that, I mean my dad)? "Buy Burberry, it's classic and makes you look trim."
I never understood the purpose of Trump Tower because it's too closed off to be a shopping center and too big to be a fine dining place, but I like how everything is reflected in the copper walls. I like the angles the patios make, when they intersect. I also like the outdoor gardens, which overlook the Burberry, miu miu, and Dior stores.
While inside, we decided to get some warm coffee to help us fight the chill. Drinks were on me and when I told the guy that my name was Audrey, he wrote down Hagi. Either his spelling or my pronunciation is really off. When they kept yelling, "Hagi," I didn't pay any attention until they yelled it eight times and I realized it was my order.
We took the subway to Little Italy, which is my favorite place in New York to go to for meals. My goal is to try every restaurant there and so far I've tried five of them, I think? We decided to try Casa Bella Ristorante, where I ordered the Papardelle Alla Funghetti. With five different mushrooms and homemade pasta, this made a hearty dish that felt cozy too. I like how they put shitake mushrooms in it and how spacious this restaurant is. Most restaurants in New York are too crowded for my liking. Afterwards, my dad and uncle bought a bunch of my favorite canolis from Ferrera Bakery. Then our two families separated, so my relatives could catch a train home and we just walked around admiring the city.


  1. Omg, your starbucks looks so warm. & luckily you heard your name. Kinda embarassing but funny C: The funghetti looks so cool & good. Yummmm ~
    Yes, men have the best advice about other men. Sometimes Haha.

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  3. Love all the photos here dear :) You have a great blog ^^

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. your post makes me miss NY so much!! ice skating at Rockefeller is so fun even though i only shuffled about lol

    i think Trump Tower was just built so Donald could feed his own ego hahaha

  5. Ive been to Rockafella! And they have turned into a skatepark, how funny is that :P
    Yay for they yellow pants! haha~
    Mhmmm fughetti <3
    About Trump, all I know that he is a creepy millionair :)


  6. Oh ice skating at Rockeffeler centre is my favourite! We have a skating ring here in London as well but it's just not the same

  7. How cool is ice skating..!
    Great photos...
    jUSt AMAziNG my love...!!!
    Follow you now, if you have a moment visit my blog and follow back if you like what u see..
    best wishes

  8. yo HelloKitty girl:)

    ohmigodd:D the ice rinksss:DD
    wish i have the chance to try iceskating. .:)

  9. oh I love starbucks ! Sounds like you had fun :)

  10. Italian food is my favorite and that one looks delicious,yummy!! New York is always a gret city to have fun!

  11. Paula Yang-It was a tad embarrassing, when they kept calling me. XD

    Karina Dinda R.-Aww, thank you! :3

    khaleesi style-Mhmm! :)

    riysse-I know right. How'd they get that? :o

    ShinyPrettyThings-You're probably right! Haha, so when I become famous, I'll make an Audrey Tower? And I can't ice skate either, so I'll probably just stumble about. :D

    Ice Pandora-Haha, what you've heard about him is fairly accurate! I don't think it's always an ice skating rink, only winter time,, I believe. c:

    The PvdH Journal-Ooh, I love London, so for me, it'd probably be pretty great. ^^

    Miss Pepper Vintage♥-Aww, thanks! Thank you so much for the follow! ♥

    X.m.i.n.t.o.o.X -We should learn how to ice skate together then! :D

    Saara-Indeed I did! (:

    MissVermillion-You live there right? You must have so much fun! ^o^

  12. you're so lucky! (but, where do you live/come from? You speak french? )

  13. Mggn-Haha thanks! I'll reply on your blog in French, since I doubt you'll see this. ^^


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