Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An After Christmas Update

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Hello everyone! Today is just everything I've been meaning to share with you and just some photos I want to show you. Nothing big or incredible, but nonetheless, a post about what I was up to on my non-busy days during winter break.
Over my winter break, I went to Little Tokyo to take my brother to my newest find, a nice restaurant called Wakasaya in LA, specializing in fish bowls. I got mine with chopped salmon, negitoro, and maguro. The chopped salmon is my favorite and the maguro is sublime and melts in your mouth practically. At first, I found the negitoro to be too slimy for my liking, but if you get it with some green onion or their don sauce, it's really quite delicious. However, after my brother and I were done eating, we were still hungry because the bowls are very small. Since the portions don't leave you full, it's actually on the expensive side.
The next day my brother and I were just being lazy and decided to go grab the Honey Baked Ham for New Year's. Afterwards, we went to the gardening store across the street and looked at fountains and fruit trees, even though we knew we weren't going to buy a thing from there. So we walked over to Cavanaugh Park because I'm an extreme Something Corporate/Andrew McMahon/Jack's Mannequin fan. "Cavanaugh Park" is a song Andrew McMahon wrote about the times he spent pondering life at this park and I think this is my fourth time wandering over to it. The first time I went there on purpose and the three times afterwards were just accidents. It's not a big park, a very local kind of park, but I still go there just because well, Andrew did.
And because I like to organize my objects and take photos of them, here is my Christmas haul. I got two perfumes, L'eau D'Issey and Burberry Brit Sheer. I really like wearing the light Burberry, but the L'eau D'Issey is too strong for my taste. I meant to write down the Florale version on my wishlist, but I made a mistake, so my mum will probably use it now. Then I received the Coraline, Big Fish, and 9 DVD's because I'm a Tim Burton fanatic and had to grab some more of his movies. I also got the Big Fish book, since that's my absolute favorite Tim Burton movie. My parents also got me some CD's I've been begging for from Patrick Wolf and One Night Only, some of my favorite musicians. No store near me sold these, so I couldn't get them myself and had to rely on my parents to grab them from the wonderful thing called the Internet!
This year I didn't exchange gifts with my friends because we agreed upon it, so I only exchanged gifts with two friends I believe and one of them was Christine. She feeds my cute Japanese obsession. My brother took one look at my gift and exclaimed, "Why do we have so many zombie bunnies? When is it going to be enough?" Haha, it's never enough. I love the Frixion pens she got for me too because I used to always borrow her pens, so she probably got annoyed of me asking her to borrow them so much. Oh, she knows me too well!  
I know this is really late, but what did you get for Christmas?


  1. I love the song Cavanaugh Park. xD ^^

  2. Looks like you have been have been having tons of fun!
    Hopefully you have been wearing your perfumes!


  3. I have just stopped by!

    Nice blog, very interesting!

    Kisses from Italy!

  4. My husband gave me the Penguin Passport experience to go visit the penguins in their enclosure at the aquarium

  5. I love the gifts your friend gave to you :3 Have an awesome day Audrey! (>^ω^<)

  6. Love your blog! I'm a new follower =)

  7. I didn't get anything for Christmas because I don't celebrate it >.<

  8. you got such cute stuff! and your header is beyond adorable!!! <3

  9. Love these pictures!! Hope you are enjoying your time spent in NYC!! Its a great city that im so lucky to live in! Would love it if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think of my latest posts! Follow me, I follow you!?


  10. I looove looking at other people's stuff post, it's so much fun! :D


  11. omg I have an enchanted circus note book too, I love that little bunny haha

  12. the gifts are cute (: the food looks nice!
    CMPang x

  13. I didn't do gift exchanges this year, so all my Christmas gifts were given to me by me lol

    I love Burberry Brit Sheer! It was my favorite summer scent last year. I really liked the movie Big Fish too. Haven't read the book though :)

  14. That food looks amazing!!!

  15. Cathy-Oh my, are you a Something Corporate fan? If so, I sense a serious friendship coming! :D

    Izumihiiiflower-You're welcome! c:

    Rhe Beep-I wear them everyday! ^^

    Irene's Closet-Thanks! You're from Italy? That's awesome! :)

    Deidre-That's so cute! Aaw, so lucky! :3

    ☆(´O`)ZOMbunny☆-Thank you! You too!

    Diana (Diane)-Thank you so much! X)

    cominica-What do you celebrate? Or do you just skip the holiday season?

    Kristen Leotsakou-Thank you very much! ^^

    Haute Eyes-I'll check out your post, when I can! Living in New York must be beyond fabulous! (:

    Cliff-Me too! It's interesting to see what other people like. :3

    Pop Champagne-The bunny is so adorable! What's not to love? ;)

    Mai-Mhmm! :)

    Rinny-Who knows what to get you better than you? XD The book isn't half as good as the movie, but it's still good, if you're interested!

    Antonia-Yup! c:


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