Friday, January 13, 2012

"School's Out Forever, School's Been Blown to Pieces"

Playing: Divine Intervention-Patrick Wolf
Reading: Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes by JD Salinger
Hello everyone! Although I'm back in school now, there was a time when I was free of school, if only for two weeks. This year was the first year, where I did not have an early out for school before Christmas break, even though everyone else in my school district got out at lunchtime. I just spent my day taking tests and counting down the minutes until I was out of school.
From Left to Right: Hans, Adam
As soon as school was out, I ran off to Hans' house with Adam, Austin, and Sophie just to hang out and be teenagers together before I had to get on a plane for New York. We pretty much just sat around and listened to records, while talking about "vintage" music and movies. Hans still has everything on records and VHS tapes, which proves I'm not the only one still using VHS tapes.
From Left to Right: Hans, Sophie, Austin
Sophie and I decided it'd be fun to dress up as kitties, so I brought kitty ears over and I learned that one of my pairs looks more like hamster ears. So Sophie was a hamster and I was a kitty that day...
Since Hans has so many random props and costumes lying around, we literally horsed around, putting his horse mask on him. Sophie decided to prove how ridiculously flexible his mask is by slapping him across the face. (Don't worry. No Hans was hurt during the course of us messing around.)
For the majority of the time, Sophie tried to figure out how to ink wash and then attempted to teach me, while I stared at her confused. I ended up just trying to do watercolor paintings by using some markers plus Sophie's ink and then using water to blend it all. Sophie worked on filling in her comic and Adam just drew random faces. My artistic mediocrity is showing right now, especially when compared to their work.
While Sophie, Adam, and I continued to paint, Austin tried on Hans' hats and just played the guitar with Hans. Overall, we just sat around and did whatever struck our fancy that day. For once, we didn't have to worry about having to finish our school assignments or any of that and we could just relax. I wish I could relax more often and I suppose most students do, but we're all tied up with too much homework and studying to do much.
PS I was supposed to hang out with them again today, but I got sick. High five for having severe stomach cramps, anyone?


  1. Oh wow, sounds so cool C: Everyone looks like they're having so much fun. I hate school & I like school the same Haha

  2. It seems you had alot of fun with your friends ^^
    Awww, I guess hamster ears are cute too :)
    Lol'd at 'no Hans was hurt during the course'


  3. love these pics you look like you had such a fab time with your friends!!!

  4. looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends :D

    Feel free to join my camwhore contest:

  5. following you! follow back? :)

    xo, Cathrine

  6. Paula Yang-I hate most of my classes, but then I love two of them, so it's a trade off I guess. .__.

    Ice Pandora-I suppose being a hamster can be adorable too. :3

    Lisa-Ooh thanks! :)

    Elisa ♥-I did! Best of luck with your contest! ^^

    Pop Champagne-Haha, that's my friend Sophie. :)

    cathrine a.-Thanks! :D


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