Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Clothes Keep Coming In

Playing: Let Yourself Go-Green Day
Reading: China's ghost towns and phantom malls by Robin Banerji & Patrick Jackson
This year I didn't really shop at the end of summer a lot, so there's no End of Summer Shopping post this year. I've been getting ready for winter by cleaning out my closet, selling old clothes at Buffalo Exchange, and buying some new stuff. While helping my brother shop at Urban Outfitters, I got distracted by this sweater, which will be great for Southern Californian winter. I like how there are orange and yellow specks on it and it fits me really well, even though it's from the men's section. Also got this American Flag scarf from the men's section as a sign that I'm proud to be an American, since no one at my school is. Plus, it's so soft and looks pretty rad too.
I always thought TJ Maxx was bluffing, when they said they have designer clothing, but they had Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs, Love Moschino, Theysken's Theory, Emilio Pucci, and Juicy Couture there. I will definitely come back, especially since they're selling Helmut Lang blazers for $200, when it costs $595 at Barney's New York. This black sweater from Nanette Lepore will quickly become a staple in my wardrobe, since I get tremendous usage out of all my black sweaters. The bow around the neck is a sweet touch and keeps it feminine.
Both of these oxfords I got at a total steal, which is great for me, since I can't get enough of fun oxfords. The pink, Bass ones are really lovely and well made, while the Qupid ones I kind of regret buying. I liked the different colored faux leathers and thought I should finally get in on the Navajo trend without realizing I'm not a very bohemian type of person, when it comes to dressing. Also, they're very uncomfortable. Since I got them for only $16, I don't feel too bad though. If you added the prices of everything I got above, it would still be less than the original price of the Nanette Lepore sweater.
Since this is my first year in a long time without having to get dressed out for PE, I can finally start working with accessories again. I want to start wearing jewelry more, since I've largely been ignoring it and want to get in on the embellishment trend. I love the Givenchy earrings' mix of glass, pearls, and chains and I want to go back for the matching bracelet, since it's very unique and has an edginess to it that I like. The brooch is just lovely and if I pin it to my black blazer, it will look so Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2012, no? When I wore it for the first time to school, a girl stopped me to tell me it was "the most beautiful brooch in the world." The tights are just something fun I picked up at a Halloween store for dress up purposes. Plus, they're very playful and will make me look like a Tim Burton extra. What's your style like? Maybe you'll inspire me.


  1. Looking like a Tim Burton extra is an amazing thing! And both the pairs of shoes are beautiful.

  2. ohhh love your new haul!! i especially love that brooch!! soo gorgeous.. it's also really reminiscent of chanel fall/winter this year and last year w/ the boy bags!!

  3. woooowww your stuff is so adorable. I love your shoes <3

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  4. Great post!!!
    am son in love with the shoes

  5. I love everything! Especially the shoes.

    I'm running a giveaway on my blog at the moment, lots of jewellery to be won, have a look :)


  6. Moi aussi ;) Merci pour ton commentaire
    Très jolis achats !
    Bises, Lucie

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment! :)

    Great post! I love your items!

  8. TJ Maxx sounds amazing, the ones in Britain you have to search insanely for something that is designer but even then we dont get Marc Jacobs. So jelous! Lovely pieces, your so lucky!

    Ruth xxxx

  9. oh i love the scarf! it looks exactly like the free people one! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts!

  10. I love the "playing" and "reading" part of your posts, very original and unique! That Nanette Lepore sweater is to die for! I am definitely following your blog - your style is amazing!

  11. Oh dear, I'm really getting expired from all of your buys actually! The tights, the oxfords, everything!

    I never understand why people aren't too proud of being American? xD I mean, these are the same people that probably have iphones and never miss an episode of Glee, you can't these anywhere else! (Well compared to living in Cambodia, yeah D: )

  12. hello, thanks for dropping by my blog ^_^
    I'm digging your pink oxford! it's sooo cute!

  13. Very nice haul ^__^
    I totally love the pink
    oxfords and the stripped


  14. Great post.

  15. Caitlin-Exactly! Tim Burton is the best, right? (:

    Lisa-And for only $38, no one would notice it's not high-end. :D


    Brooklyn Grace-Haha, yes those shoes are the most fun part. :3

    Jaz xo-Thanks! The shoes seem to be the most interesting part.

    The Camelia-Je t'en prie. (:

    {Dust and Swallow}-Thank you!

    Ruth Logan-In the USA, they actually have a whole section cornered off called The Runway that has all the designer clothing. Maybe they have this section where you live?

    Ashley Brooke-Thank you so much! I actually saw that one a few days after I bought mine. (:

    Miss Iffa-Thank you so much! The "Playing" and "Reading" parts are meant to remind me, when I'm older, what I used to be into. (:

    P o o p e r-I always found it odd, when people aren't proud of their country. I would understand, if their country was extremely oppressive and backwards, but in the USA, I feel that their should be more patriotism.


    Ice Pandora-Very whimsical, right? :D


  16. Wow I didn't imagine it like that! Love it!!!! :D

  17. You picked up some lovely things!! I love the pink oxfords.


  18. those stockings look great! i'm addicted to them :3

  19. Francois-Quite different from her other designs, right? :o

    Jackie-Same! The scarf is one of my favorites!

    lizchewyI love candy colored oxfords. :3

    Hello Naka-I've noticed! I've seen some really cool ones on your blog!

  20. Wow, pretty items!

  21. Lovely shoes :)


    Carmen-Thank you!

    Ashley Aspinwall-Me too!

  23. Nice shopping bag you got there girl, I love everything you bought but my favorite have to be the shoes and the scarf! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

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  24. Sara-Thank you so much and sorry for the late reply!


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