Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Baby Is It Real Or Just a Sign, It's Summertime"

Playing: Restless Dream-Jack's Mannequin
Reading: "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe
I'm trying to clean out all the photos on my computer and organize them, so I figured I might as well do a bunch of posts of all the random things I've been up to. I have so many snaps from summer that I've been wanting to put up on my blog, but I couldn't come up with a a cohesive post, so now I'm just going to do summertime posts.
At the beginning of summer, I went to Chelcee's birthday party, where we went swimming and had a bonfire. Chelcee always has the best birthdays because she invites so many of her friends and she always has so much good food. We pretty much just bum around swimming, playing volleyball, and doing whatever we feel like.  We were supposed to bring our homework to burn, but most of us forgot or didn't know we were supposed to, so we just burned Chelcee and Tanya's homework.
When my mum's laptop broke, I went off to Best Buy to the Geek Squad team to get it fixed. It was taking forever, so I roamed around the store and got some cheap CDs and earphones. Unfortunately, these Hello Kitty earphones are really uncomfortable and the quality is rubbish. The We the Kings CD is pretty good, but not as good as the first two and the Warped Tour CD I bought because it was so cheap and they had a Hellogoodbye song on it.
Over summer, my brother wanted to go to Koreatown in LA for lunch, so we grabbed lunch, but then we saw the Barney's New York Warehouse Sale at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We had no idea that it was going on, but we were so excited! Unfortunately, most of the stuff there was too expensive and the more affordable stuff was more affordable for a reason. A lot of the stuff that wasn't extremely expensive were the items that were damaged or were unbelievably large/small. Since I'm super small, I thought I lucked out because there were tons of size twos! The only problem was a lot of the stuff has holes in them, so I left with nothing. My dad was the only one that lucked out that day.
Down at Santa Monica Pier, there's this one pelican that's always there. You can get real close to it, but it'll never budge. You can literally put your hand an inch away from it before it'll fly away. Some people like to feed it french fries.
My dad and I were thinking about buying more kois for our koi pond, so we went down to our favorite koi store to look at their selections for that summer, but we couldn't find any that we absolutely loved. However, I do like how baby kois will rush up to nibble at your finger, if you dip your finger in the water. I think it's so adorable. Haha, my adult kois will only come up to me, if I have shrimp in my hands now. One day, I should introduce you to all of my pets!
Do you have any pets?
By the way, the lyrics from my title are from "Summer Time" by The Click Five.


  1. ohh I love koi fish, and always so fascinated at how big they can get! lol at the pelican, well if i was the bird and people are feeding me stuff.. I'd prob stand there all day too

  2. wow the kois are gorgeous!!! so colorful. i have never had a pet my entire life >.< my mom was always convinced that none of us would take care of it & she'd end up having all the responibility lol.

  3. Pop Champagne-Haha, I guess if I were a bird, I'd do the same! :D

    ShinyPrettyThings-Aww, that's sad, but having pets is a responsibility, so I understand. ;~;

  4. i love the last picture, nice picture :D

  5. Awww makes me miss summertime!! Cool post it seems like you go to a lot of interesting places over the summer, I'm jealous of your traveling!! X3 And I have 3 pets, a golden retriever and two guinea pigs. (Technically the guinea pigs belong to my brother and sister, I had one but he died a few years ago) Anywho thanks for the comment! Your blog is adorable! And also, I would love to study French with you ;D Comment est-ce que tu parles francais?

  6. hahaha! those koi are darling! I have 3 cats! and they nibble on my finger all the time because they want to be fed! the fatties!

    I stared at your blog header for, like, 5 minutes. I want them all. That is all.
    ♥ laura
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  7. Yay summer! The official countdown (here in Australia) is 14 days until summer!!! Yeah, thought I'd bore you with that info haha. Love the snaps and the fish are soo cute! I have a cat so it wouldn't work out too well...
    In reply to your comment, I get that a lot! People always confused me for other people, which makes for awkwardness when they wave at me or something haha

  8. The barney's sale sounds disappointing. When I heard about it in Vancouver this summer I was so jealous! Looks like I didn't miss out much. I'm a size 4 so most likely, there's nothing for me. =.=

    Thanks for dropping by on my blog! :D
    Mad love,

  9. Bummer about the quality of those HelloKitty earphones... I need new ones aswell I think I have passed 10 sets of earphones..
    Need a really good one!

    I don't have pets unfortunate! But I want to have an owl and hedgehog :D


  10. That pelican is so cool haha. I would try to feed it. I was always scared to put my finger in the water lol. I don't want them to bite me!

  11. sheno monkey-Thank you :3

    Charlie-Ooh, you've got some cool pets! Let's definitely speak French together! :) Je parle francais parce j'apprends le francais maintenant.

    laura-Oh my goodness, I'll trade you some of my plushies for one of your kitties! I've been wanting a cat for a long time, but some of my family are allergic to them, so I can't get one. D:

    Cindy-Ooh, now it's only 9 days! You're so lucky! I'm stuck in school right now! DX

    Haruka (Nancy) Jiang-If you have free time, you should just go. You never know what you might find! :)

    Jazzy E (Hivenn)-Thanks! :D

    MissVermilion-Yup, I want them all. c:

    Ice Pandora-Oh my, a hedgehog and an owl would be so cool! My friend, Joanne, love hedgehogs, so I think you two could have a great time discussing how to get your hands on one! :D Apple's earphones are great because of the sound quality, but they're not that cute, so if you don't care about cuteness, Apple is great!

    Miko-I know how you feel! I'm always worried it's going to take a finger odd. ;~;

  12. i love koi fish!! they are so pretty!! show us your koi fishies please!!

    your hello kitty ear buds are ADORABLE!!! i'm just sad to hear they're sorta rubbish :(

  13. Lisa-Haha I'll have to take photos of them when they're more energetic. Right now, they're acting kind of sluggish because of the cold weather, so they won't come up to the top. When they do, I'll grab some photos! ^^ (Cute earphones always tend to be rubbish...At least in my experiences)


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