Sunday, November 20, 2011


Playing: Quelqu'un m'a dit-Carla Bruni
Reading: A Perfect Day For Bananafish by JD Salinger (I've been obsessing over Salinger's short stories.)
Happy belated Halloween! I know this is super late, since it's been almost a month. Believe it or not, I've been inundated with schoolwork lately, so I just don't have the time to blog that much. I'm going go to try to do a whole bunch of drafts today, since I finished my homework early today. This year Halloween was very different from most years because it was so last minute. It was literally the night before me calling Sophie and asking her if I could join. Haha, it turned out great though after I finished all my homework.
At 9:00 PM on October 30th, my dad literally came in with a pumpkin and was like, "LET'S DO THIS!" Since I had a late start the next day, I was able to stay up and carve it. I decided to go for a simple pumpkin  inspired by the entrance to the Tim Burton art exhibit. However I realized that without paint it would be hard to get all of the lines and designs right, so I simplified it majorly.
Heh heh, I wore my costume to school the next day because Sophie told me too and when I first showed up to Algebra, a whole bunch of us were in costumes and we were greeted by our teacher asking us, "Aren't you too old to be dressing up for Halloween?" All of us were in shock and told her that of course, we aren't too old and that she should cancel our homework for that night. Then when I got to the rest of my classes, I thought everyone would be dressed up and barely anyone was, so I was teased a bunch. When we got to PE, I had no idea how to store my wig and wig cap, so I hung them up neatly. Does anyone know how to store a wig, so that it won't tangle a bunch? Right now I have it hanging on my staircase.
Finally nighttime came and I ran over to Sophie's place to meet her and Austin. Then we waited for Adam and Aadil. I was super excited to see Aadil (pictured above) because I hadn't seen him in almost a year. He let Sophie and me dress him up as a cat surgeon. You can't see his kitty ears in this photo though. I'm not super close to Austin and I just met Adam, so I felt too awkward to ask them, if I could put photos of them on my blog, so you won't be seeing any for now.
Once all of us got together, Sophie's dad took some group photos of us together using his fancy camera and we ran off to act like little kids. Sophie is dressed as minun and her boyfriend, Austin, went as plusle! How adorable, right? I liked how all of our costumes were homemade that night or put together with clothes we all owned already. I wish I could put a photo of Adam up here because he had the best costume. He was a gentleman cowboy. Haha, it was awesome. As you can see, people decorated their houses and in one neighborhood, there were these huge spiderwebs stretching across the street.
I was actually dressed as Coraline that night and I know my hair is wrong. (I bought the wig before I figured out what I was going as. All I knew was I wanted a wig, so I grabbed a cheap one and then decided on Coraline.) This costume was literally created on the day before Halloween. I pinned a bunch of stars onto a black sweater in my attempt to look like this. Then we added glow sticks to Aadil's glasses and I became Lady Gaga for a second or two. (By the way, don't you like how Aadil is smizing in this photo?) We just sat down and joked around with each other after we were done trick-or-treating. While I was playing around with my wig, I remembered how much I liked having super long hair and I decided I want straight across bangs. The only problem I have with getting blunt bangs is that people at school will call me fobby or think I'm a fob, when I'm not. Since I'm Asian, blunt bangs are considered fobby, while on a white girl, it's considered indie. What the heck? I'm fully American, but I don't look it, so I can't get blunt bangs without being called a fob. Lame, right?
How was your Halloween?
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  1. awww your pumpkin is so cool!!!! hahaha ppl call me fob when i got blunt bangs too >.< LOL

  2. These are such awesome photos! hahah and Wow I love your layout! The banner is sooo cute

  3. ShinyPrettyThings-Doesn't it stink to be called a FOB, especially by other FOBs? Haha, we should just team up with each other! Blunt bangs buddies! :D

    Vyvy-Aww, thank you! :3

  4. Bonjour ! Tu parles très bien français !! Bisou

  5. love it!! you're an electric coraline!! i absolutely LOVED LOVED coraline the movie and the book :) i think it's so neat that you decided to be her for halloween!

  6. i think that as long as you dont DRESS like a fob, having blunt bangs is okay ;)

  7. this is such a good post! I love coraline!! and pshhh you can totally pull blunt bangs off without looking fob :/

  8. I think you still look great as Coraline! Nice cosplay ^___^


  9. ORERI オレリ-Merci beaucoup! ♥

    Lisa-Thank you! I'm a big fan of the book and movie too! :D

    riysse-Maybe I should go for it then? :3

    Cindy-Aww, thanks! I love Coraline too! Who doesn't? Haha, I should try blunt bangs then! :)

    Ice Pandora-Thank you so much! ^^


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