Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Streets Part I

Playing: She's So High-Tal Bachman
Reading: Down at the Dinghy by JD Salinger
I found out about Sweet Streets through Geeky Glamorous and I'm so glad I went because it was so much fun! I've been trying to find more events that appeal to my interest and I've found so many throughout LA, but it's hard to find friends with the same interests to go with me. I was super excited when I found out my friends, Tina and Tiffany could go. I'm actually going to split this up into two separate posts of who I met and then the art because I don't want this post to have a thousand photos in one post heh heh.
I talked to Kawaii Goods once again, but this time we had a real conversation. She and I were freaking out when we saw Tavuchi. She is so friendly and we talked for awhile about her business. It was really interesting to see what she did to advertise and she taught me a tiny bit about Tavuchi too.
Tavuchi came out to greet all of us and she looked absolutely adorable! I find her story to be very inspiring about how she didn't see anything on the streets that she liked, so she created her own! I love the idea of creating a whole new style and being successful at it. She was so nice and everything about her was adorable, even the way she talked! It was funny when Tina heard her speak Japanese because Tina didn't know she was from Japan, so she got all excited because she wanted to speak Japanese with her.
I'm wearing a Calvin Klein blazer, an Ann Taylor LOFT sweater, BDG jeans, an Alexander Wang purse, Converse, and a scarf handmade by me.
When we got inside, Tina rushed up to the Chubby Bunny X Spank! wall and told us that she wanted a photo, so we all pulled out our Asian go to pose, the peace sign. Haha, Tina is adorable, so how could I say no to her, when she wants a photo? Tiffany is the one in the middle and Tina is the one with the denim jacket and pink glasses. We're like an at&t commercial with us going from tallest to shortest!
I saw Chubby Bunny and I love her and her hair! I love how she's expanding her brand with all her collaboration, but seriously, she always has the coolest hair and it's always multicolored. Wish my parents would let me do that!
I realize I look like a mess in this photo, but I was running around looking for my friends and then I saw Twinkie-Chan! Twinkie-Chan is someone that has really inspired me to craft more and I had to take a photo of her to show her biggest fan, Sophie, that I met her. I invited Sophie, but she couldn't go, so definitely next time!
I saw Onch on Paris Hilton's My New BFF and I have loved Onch ever since then. Onch is so adorable and lively and just plain fun! After Tina and I asked for a photo, Onch was like, "That was so much fun! Take more! Take more!" He was just so nice and I want that coat of his! Later on during the show, Onch came running up to my friends and me with necklaces and gave one to each of us. For a second, Onch thought there wasn't enough, so he offered to mail us one but then he found one more. Lucky us, huh? Before we left, Onch came up to me and hugged me goodbye, so needless to say, meeting Onch in person only made me love him more.
I didn't talk to Julie Doll or Kira Kira because both were busy managing the Spank!  pop-up shop, so I only grabbed a photo of those two. They're so adorable and I liked how their outfits were contrasting in style (one kind of spooky and one sweet), but both were adorable at the same time! 
I bought a pin from the Spank! pop up shop, but I wanted so much more. I wanted the hair things, the dresses, and the accessories. I pretty much wanted everything, but I told myself I had to limit myself, so I only grabbed a pin. All the hand outs and flyers were jut so colorful and fun that I thought it'd be great to decorate my walls with them. The pretzel necklace is the gift from Onch I was talking about and it's super cute. Haha, I like anything inspired by food. (I normally don't take much photos of me, so it's weird to look at this post and realize that almost all the photos have me in it. I don't really like to have photos of myself taken because I always look derpy in them.)


  1. omg this is so cool!!! i love how cute everyone is dressed. & i love the pretzel necklace, so cute!

  2. I'm so jealous! I wish I could have gone. I didn't know anyone (personally) that I could go with. T__T xD your pictures are cute though. I love that scarf.

  3. LOl glad you had fun. I was the girl managing the door in the front. It was so busy sorry yall had to wait outside T^T

  4. Cute pics! i like how everyone's dressed like this! =D x

  5. Sounds like SUCH a fun time! You and your friends look so cute! I'm so jealous that you were able to go
    ~! Hopefully there will be many more events like this in the future

  6. ShinyPrettyThings-Everything was just so adorable! :3

    Cathy-Haha, if you can't find anyone to go with, you can always find my friends and me and talk to us. :)

    Mie-Were you the one with Mickey Mouse ears? I was actually in the second group to get in, so it wasn't bad. :D

    KyandiiCandy-Thank you! By the way, your username is adorable! ^^

    serepuff-Thank you! I hope events like this come your way. ^o^

  7. that is so cool!! omgosh i totally remember onch from paris hilton's BFF show hahahah that is so funny :)!

    i totally plan on doing a bag and shoe collection posts once i get my dressing room up and running :)!

  8. I wish I participated Geeky Glamorous! So many cute dressed up people ^___^
    OMG you met ONCH! she/he is my favorite person from Paris show!


  9. Omg looks like such a cool event! Damn wish i lived there XD

  10. Lisa-Even though the show was really shallow, I liked how hilarious it was. I can't wait to see your collections! I've been wanting to do a photo of my collections, but I never have them all in one place at once...XD

    Ice Pandora-Haha me too! Who doesn't love Onch? :D

    xixi-You should come visit! ^^


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