Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Honda Civic Tour

Playing: I Would Do Anything For You-Foster the People
Reading: Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut by JD Salinger
Hello everyone! If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love My Chemical Romance and how concerts are just about the most exciting things I go to. I always get so psyched for concerts and I've been wanting to see My Chemical Romance for five years now, so you can only imagine how excited I was for the Honda Civic Tour with My Chemical Romance and blink-182. I went to the October 1st show at the Honda Center.
Sorry for the cruddy quality of the photo, but it was dark and we were using a cell phone, so what were you expecting? In this photo, you can see how awkward Breanne and my smiles are. Hehe, and how pink I am. I kind of forced Breanne into going because everyone that wanted to go with me refused to pay for their own tickets or they were busy already. And then Breanne popped out of nowhere and told me she'd go! Yes, goal reached!
The opening band was Matt and Kim, whom I had never heard of before that day. I actually really liked them. They were so lively and fun and their music was actually really good! I can't get "Daylight" out of my head. I would totally go see them again.
When My Chemical Romance got on stage, I was freaking out because I love them so much. The only thing that sucked is that Gerard Way is supposed to be the "savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned" ("Welcome to the Black Parade"), but then there was a group of football players from my school sitting like four rows behind me. I really doubt that the football players have ever been broken, beaten, or damned at school....I don't know. I'm just a nerd like that, where I feel like having "cool" kids at the concert for the misfits kills things. Anyways, My Chemical Romance played:
  • Na Na Na
  • I'm Not Okay
  • Planetary Go
  • The Only Hope For Me is You
  • Mama
  • Helena
  • A Song From Their First Album (Can't Remember at the Moment)
  • Teenagers
  • Famous Last Words
  • S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
  • Welcome to the Black Parade
  • Cancer
My brother was at the concert across the stadium from me with his friends, so we were texting each other our opinions and he made a list of songs they should've played.
  • Ghost of You
  • I Don't Love You
  • Sing
  • Dead!
  • Desolation Row
Partway through their show, they tossed all of these balloons up in the air and although it looked cool, I was thinking to myself, "THEY'RE BLOCKING MY VIEW OF GERARD, MIKEY, FRANK, AND RAY!" Heh heh, I'm so weird at concert.
I usually really like blink-182, but when I saw them live, I didn't like them that much. All of the music blended together and it was hard to tell, when they started a new song unless they said they were starting a new one. They were funny and all, but I probably wouldn't see them again. I prefer their recorded versions of their songs...Also, I felt like the lights were distracting after awhile and this is one of the few photos I have, where the lights aren't glaring at me.
After the concert, we heard these girls saying My Chemical Romance was going to be at this trailer, so I ran off to see them, dragging Breanne with me. Silly me gets fooled so easily. The slightest promise of meeting someone I like and I go running off. While I was waiting there, this guy came up to me holding up a Boomer mask and asked, "This is cool, right? Blink-182 is the best, right?" And I was like, "'Course!" Then when he walked away, I smiled and muttered to Breanne, "Not as cool as My Chemical Romance."
What's the best concert you've ever been to?


  1. I LOVEEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE TOO!!! i saw them way way way way way (like over 10 years ago) when they weren't that famous yet in hawaii.. one of the best concerts of my life!

  2. I love My Chemical Romance too! Omgosh you got to hear The Only Hope for Me is You, and Cancer! those are two of out of all of my favorite songs from them. and I love Blink too, but ehhh I'm not really interested in deal with the crowds/fans. @__@ they must be insane.

  3. Lisa-You're so lucky! 2012 is their 10th anniversary, so they're planning a special tour. They're not 100% sure about that yet. :)

    Cathy-The blink-182 fans were crazy, but the MCR fans were pretty cool. I think it's because I had fun talking to a group of MCR fans, but then the blink-182 fans next to me were bleh...XD

  4. I'm not a huge fan of Chemical Romance, some songs are nice :P
    I'm glad you have seend your Chemical Romance in real!
    Sadly, I haven't been on a real concert before :(
    I want to see: Coldplay so badly


  5. Ice Pandora-My brother saw Coldplay and said it was the most amazing concert he ever went to. He drove 4 hours to see them and said it was worth it, so I hope you get to see them one day! ^^


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