Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Just Smell So Good

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I naturally smell pretty good, not going to lie about that. Strangers have complimented me on the way I smell even when I'm not wearing any perfume, so who knows. Usually, if a stranger talks to me, it's to ask for directions or to ask what perfume I'm wearing. I've been wearing perfumes for three years now and this year, I took to trying to wear perfume everyday. I usually spritz some in my hair in the morning because I like how the scent envelops you throughout the day.
The Hello Kitty Rollergirl Rollerball perfume smells so amazing with its mix of fruity and floral notes. For me, it lasts the whole day, but being a rollerball perfume, it can't be applied over a large surface area, so not as many people smell it. In order to smell it on me, you have to have your nose right by my neck. It's pretty much something only I can smell during the day, so if I were you, I'd get the spray on version of it.
Burberry Brit Sheer is a nice, light, floral perfume that lasts me the whole day. It's not as concentrated as other perfumes of mine, so I usually need two to three spritzes for it to really stand out. In general, everyone that I know of has liked this one. It's just a really easy, light perfume to wear everyday. Even if I do wear a lot of this, I don't find it overwhelming at all.
I actually got L'eau D'Issey by mistake. I wanted the L'eau D'Issey Florale version, but I didn't know there were multiple versions until I opened it up and then it was too late to return it. In general, one spritz does the job for me and anymore can make me feel a bit dizzy. It's ok for me in small doses and my mum seems to like it a lot, but I don't find it to be a very youthful perfume. It's just that I like the florale version so much, I would expect more from this perfume.
Acqua di Gioia is by far my favorite perfume to wear. It's really fresh and bright, not to mention, I get tons of compliments when I wear this one. I usually wear one to two spritzes depending on my mood and this lasts the whole day for me. If I could only choose one perfume to wear for the rest of forever, this definitely is my choice. I forgot how wonderful it smelled until I was in New York and had to go a week without it. One day I walked into Saks to get a spritz for myself just because and it really did make me remember how amazing this perfume is.
What's your favorite perfume to wear?
PS The title of this is just a joke, a jab at narcissism if you will.


  1. i LOVE LOVEEEEEEEE the hello kitty perfume too!! hahah who would know haha that HK would have such awesome perfume!

  2. I love pefumes so much my favourite is Miss Dior CheriĆ© L´eau and Chanels Coco mademoiselle :) If I would have more money I think I would buy so many perfumes then :D

  3. ohh you got the hello kitty! haha i wanted it just for the packaging!

  4. Haha I find it funny and creepy
    that strangers complementing
    your natural smell :P I would
    be like 'uhh *awkard* thanks?'

    Anyway you have a great
    collection of perfume!! Love
    the Hello Kitty one!

    My favorite(s): DKNY Delicious,
    Escada Island Kiss!


  5. I like to wear Eternity by Calvin Klein. I also have a Frangrance mist called Sea Island Cotton from Bath and Body works! c:

  6. Lisa-I know right! Who knew? I thought it was going to be just a sugary scent. XD

    Saara-I could spend all my money on perfumes, if I didn't have self control. I love them, so I ask for them as gifts. :3

    Pop Champagne-The spray bottle is even more darling! ^^

    Ice Pandora-The DKNY one smells amazing. When the first person complimented me, I was weirded out, but now I'm used to it. (:

    carpals-I have the Sea Island Cotton too! :D

  7. the HK perfume smells amazing!! also a big plus that it's HK hehehe
    the Issey Miyake was my 1st expensive perfume. before i used to just drown myself in Bath & Body Works sprays LOL

  8. Ahhhh I love this post, I mean I love looking at people's perfume collection, it's so much fun! And btw you have a lovely collection there! :D

  9. I LOVE PERFUME!! This is such a wonderful post, for someone like myslef with a sensitive nose I'm very glad to learn I'm not the only one who puts a lot of effort into the way I smell :)

  10. thats strange but really sweet that strangers compliment you on your scent, ive been told i smell like sweet food XD

    i love perfume, but i wear it several times a year XD i feel a little paranoid, thinking i've put too much on, or people might think i smell weird XD

  11. I don;t have many perfumes :(!!!!

  12. Thank you so much honey!
    Cute blog!

  13. ShinyPrettyThings-That's what I did too! :D

    Cliff Tuna-Thank you and I love seeing people's collections! That's why I did this. :3

    Sasssquatch-Haha my friends always tell me whether or not I smell good, so I've gotten a sense for what's appealing to the mass majority. :)

    Hello Naka-You shouldn't worry about what you wear. Just do what makes you happy! ^^

    Squared-Around sale time, build up your collection! C:

    Antonella C'est moi-Thank you! You too! (:

    Kiwi-Thanks! This is off topic, but I have a friend nicknamed Kiwi! :3


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