Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rainy Days Remind Me of London

Playing: The Water-Post Foetus
Reading: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami
I quite like rain. I never have to think about what I'm going to wear because I always wear the same thing: a pair of dark wash jeans, a cozy sweater, my Converse, and a raincoat that's usually a trench coat. Then my friends will tell me I look like I'm from London, so I run around pretending I'm in London for the day.
Whenever it rains, I always want to go to the beach or go for a walk in the rain, since it rains so little here in California, but my parents won't allow that. They're afraid I'll catch a cold or get soaked, so instead we headed off for a day at the mall. We couldn't just go the mall without eating, right? So we went to our favorite little bento place called BENTOSS, where I ordered the pork katsu with curry. I like how crispy the katsu is, but for the price, they could've given me one or two more pieces of pork...
Afterwards, I walked around South Coast Plaza looking at the window displays, grabbing look books, and I bought a present for someone too. Then I started to feel ill, so we walked back to the car, but look what I found! While we were walking back, we passed the John Varvatos store and Green Day is in their campaign photos! Any brand that supports one of my favorite bands is fine by me. To top it off, I just got tickets to see American Idiot, the musical, and my friend, Michael, let me borrow the soundtrack. Super excited to go see it!
I really like taking photos through windows, while it rains, because I love having the raindrops create a new dimension to the photo. I like how it feels like the palm trees are stretching into the background and it just feels peaceful like you're looking at another world. I just like that feeling.
The next day I took my uncle to a Lee's Sandwiches, so that he could try their amazing deli manjoos, which are basically like taiyaki with more custard on the inside. I like the bread part of this too, which is rare, since I usually don't like the breading without the custard. Must try these should you ever go to a Lee's Sandwiches!
For my lunch, I got the Bacon Club Sandwich, which I actually like quite a bit. I think their Club Sandwich is extra delicious due to the fresh baguette used to make it. Also ordered the mint milk with grass jelly, which wasn't as good as it sounded. After awhile, it got too sweet for me and made me feel sick, so I will probably stick to their iced coffee from now on. There you go! On rainy days, I like to shop, eat, and run around in the rain pretending I'm in London. What do you do?


  1. Yummy food! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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  2. that chicken is amazing!, now following you.

  3. Super fabulous post! Thanks very much for your comment :)

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  4. Where is this Lee's Sandwiches??
    They look great <3

    I love/hate rain. I also like
    taking photo's of raindrops
    on windows c: looks peaceful
    huh? I kind of don't like when
    it's raining while i'm on my
    bike ><


  5. Being a Londoner, this puts a fresh perspective on rain (usually complain about it!) Look the rain-stained window shots and the food looks so yummy.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think yours is great and I'm now following xx

  6. I love rain. : D Usually I just sit in my room and stare outside or read a book when it rains. xD

  7. the food looks so good <3<3 I don;t really like rain, because it makes me depressed and lazy, lol

  8. Karina Dinda R.-You're welcome! :)

    Fashion Geek-Thank you! ^^

    Jessica-No problem! (:

    Ice Pandora-I'm pretty sure Lee's Sandwiches is a global thing and I linked it, so you can check out their website! c:

    underthewillowtrees-Thanks for the follow! And you're from London? :o I want to move there one day! When I do, I'll have to have you show me the best places to go, deal? :D

    Sora-Well, that sounds like a grand plan compared to mine! I still need to finish my homework right now and it looks like it's about to rain. D:

    cominica-Well, I can see that. Rain does block out the sun. ;~;

  9. you made me hungry. and so true, raindrops look pretty in pics and in real life (and also feel awesome if it is warm weather rain!) thanks for your comment, you got a new follower :-D

  10. Oh my goodness that food wow oh my <3

  11. These food photos are making me hungry! Loved your comment too, Big Fish is a lovely film. Glad you liked the daffodils. xxx

  12. kakuidori-Thank you so much! Warm weather rain is the best! It reminds me of the tropics, but I rarely get that, where I live. ;~;

    bollykecks-Oh the food pictures make me fell hungry again. :3

    Natasha-Ooh, so you like Big Fish too? Your coolness level just went up a gazillion times! :D

  13. Food looks delicious!
    Wish i lived near to try them haha!
    I nominated you for the liebster blog award

    Have a nice day!

  14. M'leikie-Thank you so much, dear! I will have to check it out! ♥


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