Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Have I Been Up To?

Playing: The Midway State-Paris or India
Reading: Dark Matter Core, Left Behind From Wreck Between Massive Clusters of Galaxies, Defies Explanation 
I haven't been up to much really other than a lot of eating and reading. Trying to read more, since during school, they fill my schedule with so many boring plays and textbooks to read that I decided I needed to have time to read whatever I wanted instead. Here are just some photos that I took and wanted to share.
Since I'm the picture of American healthiness, I ran off to McDonald's to grab a snack the other day. I got my favorite Angus Third Pounder with Swiss cheese and mushrooms along with a small order of fries. Tried the Shamrock Shake for the first time and I actually think it's pretty good. The minty flavor keeps it "fresh" even though it's a milkshake, which is as gluttonous as anything.
I've also been stopping off at my favorite tea shop quite a bit lately to try all their different teas and to warm me up, when it's cold outside. My favorite so far is the almond milk tea, but I do enjoy most of the milk teas. Do any of you know if winter melon and taro milk teas are any good?
Also, I found the art magazine section at Barnes&Noble, so I bought the two that interested me the most. I really like the thick, glossy pages with the bright prints and artist interviews. Also, the copy of Artbox includes a section with cool things you can buy like a rubber band for your iphone that's really a macro lens or a lamp that comes with different sheets of glass to change the color plus the brightness, but looks beautiful at the same time. Just tons of fascinating stuff really.
I've also been addicted to this instant mi goreng, which is just so tasty. My friend, Sarah, introduced me to this and I've been hooked on it since. It's just to easy to make and super delicious, especially when you mix in some sort of pork in it like Spam or pancetta. Probably eat this after school two days a week now.
And finally after trying some amazing banana pudding at this BBQ restaurant, I attempted to make my own. Sure looks pretty, but it didn't taste as good. Needed more flavor, but it looks nice, right? A+ for effort? I just realized my whole post has to do with food. I suppose I should've named this "What Have I Eaten?" instead. I guess I'll ask an expected question and ask, what are you eating/drinking right now? Anyways, do any of you have delicious banana pudding recipes?  I would love to try to make a better version!


  1. MCDONALDS <3 <3 <3
    Remember the 50 piece chicken nuggets? hehe

  2. The banana pudding looks so good! : D It looks professionally made. McDonald looks yummy!

  3. Sarah-You;re on blogger? :3 You should make a blog, so that I can stalk you again! ♥

    Nana-Oh why thank you! And McDonald's is always yummy. :3

  4. ohhh Shamrock shake!!! i've been wanting to try, guess i should get goin since St. Patrick's Day is in a couple days hahaha i had no idea it was minty! for some reason i just assumed it had no flavor but sugar lol

  5. yummm i love mi goreng noodles did not know they made the ramen instant noodle version haha! very cool! almond milk tea is one of my favs.. winter melon tastes like honeydew to me.. and my husband LOVES TARO milk tea.. he drinks it EVERY time we go get boba.. but i'm not a fan!! BLEH but i don't really like taro that's why.. i only like it deep fried in chip form HAHA

  6. I kind of want a smoothie from mcdonalds now haha! and no thats not a chole bag in my previous post, just a chole inspired buckle bag I got from Taiwan haha

  7. Heeey we have those 'Mi Goreng' noodles in Holland as well :)
    That 'Shamrock' McCafe shake looks
    really good *o*

    I like taro flavored desserts
    and sweet so I bet the milk tea
    taste good :) try it for me!!


  8. Your header is cute !! I love dolls :)

  9. ShinyPrettyThings-You should definitely try one soon! I've never tried it before, but this year, I just went for it. :3

    Lisa-Thanks for letting me know! I'll have to try it now. I've only had winter melon in soups, so I didn't know what to expect. XD

    Pop Champagne-I was so hoping it was. Chloe purses have the most amazing clasps in the world! So gorgeous! ^o^

    Ice Pandora-I think I will have to try it now. Haha, I actually get the mi goreng noodles from an India market, so these must be quite the international noodle, huh? :D

    Coffee Cream and the Caffeine-Thank you so much! And I love stuffed animals too. c:

  10. oh, i think it's connected to gmail or something.

  11. just saying, i really love your posts <3

  12. Sarah-Darn, your logical-ness! You're probably right. .__.

    carpals-Thank you! :)

  13. YUMMMMMMMMMMM OH GOODNESS, you make my american food look scrumptious

  14. Sasssquatch-Well, American food is delicious, so making it look amazing wasn't too hard. :)

  15. i'm surprised to know that people outside indonesia loves indomie goreng.hahaha. i'm from indonesia and i've been eating those things since i was a kid. i suggest you do not eating that everyday bcause of the msg thingy. but who couldn't resist it! even the smell lingered on your hand. damn evil food. anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  16. Saskia Anggun CH-You're welcome! I love the instant mi goreng and it was initially introduced to me by my Indonesian friend. Haha, you're right! It even leaves your fingers smelling amazing! :D


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