Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fast Times with Chelcee

Playing: Godless Girl-The Crookes
Reading: The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Chelcee and I do a lot of stupid stuff together. Last Friday, we hung out with each other for pretty much the whole day. During lunch, she allowed me to draw a top hat wearing, mustached whale on her arm, since top hats on whales with mustaches are very in vogue right now. This sparked the idea that drawing all over Chelcee's arms was acceptable at our lunch table, so she left the table with multiple whales on her arms.
After school, I went over to Chelcee's house to cook with her before we sat down to watch the Adjustment Bureau, which was actually very interesting. I now want to travel strictly by doors. Anyways, you can see me here cutting up pancetta like a pro chef with my now stripey hair. This is what all the cool kids are doing. All of them.
Part of being friends with me or any of my friends is having the ability to parody those "artsy people" online. "Look how deep this photo of the eggs is! So artsy and cool, right?" we'll all chime in, when looking at this photo. But seriously, there's nothing artsy about the eggs we're about to stick in our instant ramen.
Once we were done cooking our chicken instant noodle with green onions and eggs plus our mi goreng with pancetta and green onions, we moved all our food and juice into her room and balanced everything on a mini table. Such fine dining for us, huh? We each got our own bowl of instant noodles, but shared the mi goreng. I have decided that we are the definition of healthy eating. We have our starches, our veggies, our fruits in the form of juice, and our protein. All we need it some dairy and we're good.
Once we were done feasting upon our delicious meal of instant noodles, we snacked on shrimp crackers while watching the movie. We were actually watching the movie as a makeup class for confirmation. Even though at the end, I had to answer question on how this movie compared to Catholic beliefs, I really enjoyed the movie. It sparked some new ideas in my head and I shall try to get my hand on one of the Adjustment Bureau's hats. (Watch the movie and then I'm sure you'll understand!) Now that I think about it, Chelcee and I have a lot of movie nights together and we both love pretending to be artsy together. Then again, isn't that what friends are for?

PS The title is a play on Fast Times at Barrington High, an album by The Academy Is...


  1. yummmm pancetta and ramen never thought of doing that.. i will have to try that that sounds delish!!!

  2. what do you use to draw that on the arm?? I've been thinking of hanna a tattoo on me, a small one, cuz i want a real one, but i have commitment issues... haha. and omg i LOVE those shrimp chips!!

  3. This all looks so yummy!! Youre making me hungry! Would love for you to checkout my latest posts and participate in my giveaway!!


  4. Lisa-Chelcee and I have been really into pancetta and prosciutto, so we've jut been putting it on everything. :)

    Pop Champagne-I used a normal black Sharpie, which actually come off fairly easily in the shower with some soap. ^^

    Haute Eyes-I'll check out your blog once I'm done with homework! :D

  5. awww i always hv a great time cooking with my friends! or...i usually am the one watching others cook LOL

    omg i love those shrimp chips!! so addicting.

  6. Looks like you girls had an amazing time :) nothing like chilling with your closest friends

  7. ShinyPrettyThings-You chose good friends, ones that can cook! :D

    Fashion to Go-Oh you know it! Friends are the best! ♥

    Hello Naka-Oh thank you! Did it super quickly! :3

  8. Haha it's a whale? I thought it was a penguin.. my bad!

    That's gotta be the largest shrimp crisps bag I have seen so far!


  9. Ice Pandora-Now that you say that, it does look like a penguin to me...D: Shrimp chips are addictive! I'm surprised we didn't eat all of it!


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