Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Loves of My Life

Playing: Mr. Brightside-The Killers
Reading: The Chess Machine by Robert Lohr
Sometimes we all are down on our luck and sometimes life messes with our mind, leaving us feeling frustrated and even depressed. I'm sure most of us are occupied with jobs and/or school, which dominate our time and leave us feeling tired, but I think it's important to take a look at the things you love once in awhile to brighten your day. So here's my list of things I love and these can almost always brighten my day.
Handsome Men-Being a single girl, I do enjoy the faces of the opposite gender and talk about guys a lot with my friends. For me, I like musicians, models, a designer, (a limited amount of) actors, and princes. I suppose musicians and actors are common interest for girls, but how many girls actually like a model or a designer? In fact, my interest in models, designers, and princes has helped me receive much teasing from my friends. The other thing that gets me teased is the fact that I never go, "OMG, THEY'RE SO HOT!" I always describe men as handsome, gorgeous, cute, beautiful, and/or have wonderful facial features.
Prabal Gurung S/S 2012
Fashion-You've probably figured this out already, but I love fashion. I know that all girls like fashion to a certain extent, but most of their fashion knowledge extends to Forever 21 and H&M only, while I like to watch fashion shows online and go to style.com all the time. I currently subscribe to Vogue, Elle, W, People:Style Watch, and Harper's Bazaar for my fashion fix. Not to mention, I also receive Gucci look books in the mail and whenever I receive a look book or a magazine in the mail, I always get super excited for them. Also, I like to dress up for school because one must always dress nicely, even if it's just out of courtesy to others.
Foie Gras at Marche Moderne
Food-I enjoy foods from all over the world and it really doesn't matter to me whether it's French, Japanese, Peruvian, or anything else because I'm willing to give it a shot at least once. Not only do I enjoy eating, but I also cook with my family every weekend and for my friends occasionally. Most of my favorite TV shows are either fashion shows or on the Food Network. At lunch, everyone at my table will be talking about the new Pretty Little Liars episode and I'll be wondering if anyone saw the new Chopped.
Venice 2009
Traveling-Tying in with my love for foreign foods is my love for traveling. I have been to Mexico, China, Japan, Ireland, Costa Rica, England, Italy, Turkey, all over the USA, and will be going to Spain this summer, I believe. I absolutely can't get enough of Europe and I plan on visiting many more European countries within the future.
Magic-Growing up with Tim Burton, Disney, and many novels, I have always been a fan of magic and whimsy. It might not be the kind that Harry Potter can do, but it's certainly something we can all find in our lives. Whether it's going on an adventure, the circus, the city, or just lights, there is magic and sometimes magic comes in the form of beauty. I think the best part of this is that it can be found in the small things we do and I just like to find whimsy in my life whenever I can.  I would like to know what you love and what can make you smile whenever and wherever you are. It can be something silly or something deep, I just want to know. Life is a gift and in the wise words of Andrew McMahon, "This is to the world and how God damn beautiful it is."
What do you love?


  1. really sweet. i love japanese curry hehe :)


  2. the fact that there's Joe Brooks face there made me clicked this link in my blogger dashboard. He came to Malaysia a few days ago and I went to his concert! :) handsome, isn't he? :D

  3. Natalie Leung-Ooh, curry is delicious! I like any type of curry whether it's Indian, British, Thai, or Japanese! :)

    riysse-Not in public! The others will get jealous! ;)

    aisyah De Cullen-For real? TAKE ME WITH YOU! I'm trying to get tickets to see him, but none of my friends will go with me. ;~;

  4. eeeek Joseph Gorden Levitt!! so hotttt lolll unlike u, i say that all the time that ppl arnd me are sick of it HAHAHA

  5. Those are really interesting facts about you. I'm quite similar especially when it comes to travelling. I've travelled extensively, but still feel it's not enough! haha

    I describe people (men and women) as descriptive as possible like you. I don't just say "He's cute". If the man is good looking, I say handsome, if he's more like babyface, then yes I say cute etc. I think you should keep that trait of yours. Makes things interesting hehe

  6. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Joseph Goden Levitt it's amazing he was this dorky awkward boy on 3rd rock from the sun.. but now he's SOOO HOT! hahahaha

  7. I think George Harrison should be amongst those <3
    I love your header picture! Did you take it?
    Flower x

  8. Venice looks gorgeous, i hope i can go there someday :)


  9. GERARD WAY!!>!?!?!? not even sure if i spelt his name right, but nice choices :p

    and about the english school system we start complusory schooling at 5 and stay ay a primary school until we're 10-11 and then we go to secondary school until we're 16

    people can then leave education, others go to college for 2 years and then university. Our university is equvilant to your college :) we stay at uni for 3-5 years depending on the course, and then longer for a PhD.

    I hope i've cleared it up :p they were planning on changing complusory schooling from 5-16 to 5-18, however i don't know if they are still going ahead with that plan.

  10. Loves all the loves you loves :)
    I like musicians <3 lately I've been obsessed with Ed Sheeran's voice, something that my future bf should sound haha!

  11. ShinyPrettyThings-Haha I have a saying like too! When my friends complain that it's too hot, I always respond, "Sorry I can't help it." Natural response for me, but the joke is getting old! XD

    Joey-Ooh, you're just like me! I like you already! :)

    Lisa-Even in 10 Things I Hate About you, he was awkward, but now he's so suave! :3

    Flower-Yes, I took the photo. I didn't put George Harrison up there because I'm trying to avoid people that are old enough to be my parent! However, I do see the attraction, if he was younger (and alive). ^^

    Coffee Cream and the Caffeine-I hope you can make it there one day too! Such a lovely city! (:

    Hello Naka-Oh why thank you! Gerard has such a nice looking face! Thanks so much for clearing up how your school system works. It was confusing me a tad. ^^

    Ice Pandora-Hmm, wanting a boyfriend that sounds a certain way? Interesting to keep in mind for my future boyfriend! :D


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