Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Did You Do at School Today?

Playing: Up the Junction-Squeeze
Reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire
Other than reading books under the desk and writing letters to friends, I have been doing some pretty amusing things during class. Yes, I do pay attention in class most of the time, but sometimes my mind slips and I just can't focus anymore, so here's what I do.
In general, I like to write notes and post them on unsuspecting victims' backs. However, my friend, Boyul, had the bad luck of being the only target that got photographed for my blog. I did make it up to him though by donating to one of his charities that builds wells for North Koreans, so we're even, right? Only in history and English can I get away with sticking notes on the people around me!
English is actually one of my crazier classes. Another person in my class, Jaeho, held up his pizza box and yelled at us that anyone could have the rest, while we were reading in class. Of course, nobody really wanted any, so Sophie took it just because. That also happened to be the day, I had brought my 1981-ish tennis racket to school. All of my friends on the tennis team like to make fun of my racket. Why is it so heavy? Are you sure this isn't a racket ball racket? The neck is too long and the face is too small! How do you play with this? Oh the questions I get asked! Truth is, I play racket ball during PE and all the rackets at school are broken, so my mum gave me her racket from 1981-ish and it's better than everything else available.
I also brought in Peeps for my Chemistry teacher to explode as an "I'm sorry that my group and I melted your pressure gauge during the lab" present. Since my period is his favorite class and we were the only ones to have someone bring in Peeps, we were the only ones that got to witness cute marshmallow creatures explode due to air pressure changes.
Our chemistry teacher gave all the Honors Chemistry classes a challenge. We were to fill up a glove with solid O2, so that the glove would expand as the O2 sublimed. Whichever class could get the glove the largest without the glove popping for an hour won extra credit. All the other classes left the assignment up to the smartest kids, having them calculate the volume of the glove and use stoichiometry to figure out how many grams of solid O2 would be necessary to fill the glove. My period just left it up to three of the silliest kids who just tossed in a few hand fulls of the O2 and we won. The one under the paper towel dispenser is our's, but supposedly it got even larger after I left.
Then I'm starting something new. I never have time to hang out with friends on the weekend due to an excessive amount of homework, so I decided I'm going go try to make plans with my friends every single Friday from now on. Last Friday, I  went to Kavya's place to watch my first Bollywood film, Dostana, about two guys pretending to be lovers in order to get the apartment they want. It was actually a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to bumming around my town with my friends every Friday now. I hope I can make this happen, though. Even if we're just watching a movie, it'll be fun, right? Gotta keep my head up and I think this will help.
Oh, and here's a meme that Jaeho made, which pretty much summarizes my attitude to school right now. Try to look rebellious in front of my peers, but I still do all my homework! I thought it was pretty funny, since it's so true.


  1. hahaha, no matter how boring school can get and no matter how many times i say i don't want to do my homework, i always do it anyway, haha! ;)

    p.s. sticking notes on my classmates' backs was a favorite pastime of mine and my best friend's. ;P

    <3, Mimi
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  2. awww are you still in high school? i kinda miss the hs days hahaha when i had so many classes everyday & saw the same ppl daily. i had no idea Peeps could explode!!

  3. Your chemistry classes seem fun! Ours were always really boring. ):

  4. heyyy thanksC:' the pizza looks so yummy! now following , hope you can too. faashiongeek.blogspot.com

  5. That was an awesome read, makes me miss high school though!

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!

  6. thanks for your comment^^
    Spaghetti ice is called that way because it looks like Spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce but it's made of vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, whipped cream and strawberries^^ it's really delicious :3

  7. Sounds like you had a good day! Me and my friends are always like that, yesterday in college we imained what we'd do if we where the only people left in the world, it started an intresting debate, we ended up pairing off with one another!

  8. It looks like you have a lot of fun in school :) I love that meme, I was like that too.

  9. Sounds like a pretty cool day in school, my college now sounds pretty dull! Thankyou for your comment, I hope you have an amazing time in Madrid - it's gorgeous there. xox


  10. Haha...love that Dos Equis guy! :P Good luck in school! :D

  11. Aw, I kind of miss school now! Seems like ages ago now! x

  12. oh man you are making me feel so old hahaha.. that is actually quite impressive that you can stick so many post it's on someone's back without them being aware of what you are doing! you should snap a picture of what you actually write on the notes!

  13. Mimi-Haha, same here. I hate homework and it consumes my life, but I still do it everyday no matter what, even if it means not getting sleep! XD

    ShinyPrettyThings-We messed around with the atmospheric pressure in order to get them to explode. We put them in a glass jar and sucked all the air out of it. :)

    Sora-Mine can be boring too, but he likes to do demonstrations for us once in awhile or challenge us. c:

    Fashion Geek-Thanks for the follow! ^^

    sonia de macedo-Haha, school can be interesting, but on the other hand I want to get out of there too. XD

    Shou-Oh, I see now! I should try it one day then. :)

    Emma-My friends and I do that too! We always ask what if our schoolmates were the only people left? XD

    Inês de Castro-Haha, all the good students can relate to that meme, huh? ;)

    Tara India-I can't wait to go! :D

    Shop N' Chomp-Haha, yes, don't we all? :3

    Sophie Isobel-Well, school isn't all that lovely, so you don't have to miss it that much. :)

    Lisa-I actually had more on him, but he started to take them off, so I had to ask for a photo first. :D

  14. Loved this post !
    Your school day sounds so fun compared to mine, I just sit there really. How cute are the peeps !

  15. Molly ♥-Haha, most of the time I just sit around and try to pay attention. Only once in awhile do we have some fun. :)

  16. Molly ♥-Haha, most of the time I just sit around and try to pay attention. Only once in awhile do we have some fun. :)


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