Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Black On Black With Sparkles

Playing: Perfect Situation-Weezer
Reading: The Road by Cormac McCarthy
I know I always tell you this, but I'm updating my wardrobe again. I wear the same t-shirts too often, so I'm thinking of quitting them cold turkey by tossing them in the giveaway bag and never seeing them again, but then my dressing might go off the rocker and I might go insane. Spring break gave me the opportunity to go shopping and buy a few basics I've been wanting. At Urban Outfitters, I finally got a black collared shirt and some  flowy black shorts. My goal for this summer is to not wear denim shorts with a t-shirt everyday, so I'm working on getting nicer shorts and I'll figure out the t-shirt problem later.
Since I tend to wear too much black, I decided all things sparkly will help bring some life to my outfits. The glitter obsession has gotten a bit out of hand truthfully and my nails are ridiculously sparkly almost all the time now. Even though I'm disappointed with myself for giving in with the polishes, I'm really happy with the statement necklace. I was rather hesitant, when buying it, since the price tag was a bit expensive for me at $36, but the cashier register rang it up for only $5 and I was extremely pleased.
To add onto the all things sparkly obsession, my mum and I have been head over heels in love with Givenchy jewelry recently. The "Vanguard" Faux Pearl and Chain Necklace has a great mix of crystals, chains, and pearls, while the "Studio" Triple Drop Crystal Earrings and the Crystal Station Long Necklace are beyond sparkly. My mum and I love how Givenchy jewelry always looks more expensive than it really is and how a lot of the time people confuse the crystals for diamonds. If I really did have a chain of diamonds that long, I would not wear it so casually.
The last big splurge of spring break was a pair of suede Reed Krakoff boots, which I found for a great price. I've been looking for edgy, everyday boots and these work well with pants, shorts, and skirts, so I'm very happy with them. They look like the Alexander Wang boots I was hoping to get, but they're much more comfortable than the Wang boots. Sorry about not posting any of my outfits. I should probably get back to that soon that way I have more to share with you.

PS I'm thinking of going to college in England. My parents are wondering what an English degree would mean in the states. They don't want me to waste several years studying in England only to come back to the states and realize my degree is worthless. The schools I'm especially interested in are University of London, Cambridge, and Oxford. (London School of Economics is a slight possibility too, if I don't go into writing.) I've heard that my actual grades mean nothing, since they'll be looking at my SAT, ACT, and AP scores and that extracurricular activities aren't necessary. I've also been told that college is only three years there and that I don't have finals, rather I'll take two tests to prove that I know my stuff. If you know anything about the registration process, how the system works, the reputations of these schools, and/or schools good for journalism (preferably fashion journalism), let me know.


  1. ohh love your new shopping haul!! i've been looking for a sheer black blouse yours is fantastic! and i LOVEEE your blingy statement necklace so cute!

  2. super cute shopping haul! these are such great picks, especially loving those great booties =)

  3. you have such a cute blog :) thanks for your comment on mine. love all the quotes done your sidebar, they are really awesome xoxo


  4. Love the boots best . I love HK ! do free to drop my blog to comment my latest Chapter 173 post and I have follow U :) If you would like to FOLLOW me back Click Follow at the Navis

    LOVED ur blog


  5. you can never go wrong with buying black because it goes with everything!!

  6. you can never go wrong with buying black because it goes with everything!!

  7. Ooh I absolutely love those nail polishes- great colors!

    You should totally go to college in England- that was always a dream of mine but sadly never happened (it's okay though, I certainly can't complain!). Make sure you ask your counselors all the questions before you make any huge decisions. Best of luck in whatever you decide!! :)

  8. Perfect for night events.. Sophistication and all.

  9. those boots - completely love!! i think Cambridge or Oxford are both great options for college and you'll likely come back to the states with a worthy degree. Both those schools are top universities in the world! Good luck!

  10. love your blog

  11. I love all your buys! Can't believe you got that statement necklace for $5 when it was originally $36 :)

    ps if you read english in England, I'm guessing you can probably go into writing/journalism in the states. Always good to ask around with existing journalists etc if you know any. Although I must say that colleges like Boston uni are great if you want to study journalism too!

    x Gi

  12. I absolutely love that necklace photographed with the nail polish xo

  13. Lisa-Thank you! I'm really happy with these pieces. :)

    Stephanie-I love how they look and how they're so comfy. :D

    Holly-Bella Cassell-Thank you! ^^

    ლ 한지민ლ Maybelline Han Ji MIn-Thanks for the follow!


    Carolynn Markey-Exactly! :D

    Victoria Talia-I talked to my counselor, but she never had anyone apply to college in the UK, so I'm trying to research stuff online.

    June | Life and Spices-Thank you! I love some sparkle for night. :D

    Susan-I know that those two are equivalent to Ivy Leagues, but I'm super interested in University of London, but not many people have heard of it here. D:

    kiana joon-Thanks!

    Denysia Yu-Me too!

    Geraldine Chua-Thank you! I'll look into Boston University!

    Jaz xo-I had a feeling you'd like that one. X)


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