Saturday, April 13, 2013

"What Do You Say We Leave For California?"

Playing: This Is the Life-Two Door Cinema Club
Reading: Stay Cool. Call North Korea's Bluff. by Andrei Lankov
Left to Right: Me, Christine, Viola, and Tina
For the last weekend of Easter holiday, I had another sleepover at my other home as sort of an initiation kind of thing for my new friend from New Jersey, Viola. Plus, we live in California, so it only makes sense for us to enjoy the beach as much as possible. We danced around the beach, reenacted several scenes from famous films, and in my case, ruined my jeans. (Not ruined technically, I just had to wash them more than once to get them completely clean.)
Not to forget the typical beach type of activities, we also enjoyed writing in the sand. No pretty love messages for boys today, rather a shout out to one of my all time favorite brands in the world, Burberry. Burberry and I go way back to when I was only two. I blame it on my mum. Saw that Burberry plaid and immediately became fascinated with all that Burberry clothing of hers. I told my parents that since I own a lot of Burberry, I need a Burberry husband. They're not liking the idea so far though.
After out little beach venture, we went back to my house to do typical teenage girl things like paint our nails, try out face masks, watch Mean Girls (I heard Regina George does car commercials in Japan or is that just a rumor?), and eat a lot. No, seriously, our eating frenzy was nonstop.
See? I wasn't joking. I ended up cooking ramen for all of them at around 3 a.m. and we agreed that 3 a.m. ramen is the best kind of ramen. Tina brought the ramen for us and it came in these itsy bitsy packages with the soup base powdered on the noodles, so you could literally add boiling water and be done. No sauces to be poured or powders to be mixed. So quick, so easy, so perfect for lazy teenagers.
The next morning, we made it out to the dock to watch sea life go by. It took us awhile to get ourselves out of bed admittedly and we were all really tired from staying up late, but that's nothing the thrill of adventure can't fix. (Just kidding, kind of.) Luckily, for me, I could go back to my other house and take a shower and then be off to Hollywood within an hour or two after they all went home, but Viola had to go to SAT prep class. I shouldn't tease her about that, since I took the ACT for the first time today and I'm pretty sure my parents are going to slaughter my summer with ACT or SAT prep. Any tips for the SAT Subject II test in French? The prep questions from College Board are too easy and I'm starting to feel like College Board is just putting up those sample questions as a form of mental harassment. You go in to take the actual SAT test thinking you're ready and leave feeling horrid about yourself.

First and last photo are courtesy of Tina. In the first photo I'm wearing: Central Park-Pullover/Urban Outfitters-Necklace/H&M-Jeans/Some Random Japanese Brand-Beanie


  1. I love Disneyland... makes you feel like a total kid again!

    Thanks for stopping by. The ramen looks sooooo good right now. I usually put a sliced boiled egg in mines!


  2. Haha 'I need a Burberry husband'
    :P I'm not that obsessed with
    Burberry.. some of the bags are
    really nice tho and their trench
    coats of course!
    Looks like you have a nice girl
    time and I don't know who
    Regina George is... :c


  3. Just Googled and
    I don't think she does
    do car modeling. Rachel
    McAdams is way too good
    for that ;P

  4. Sounds like a great fun weekend!! Nice!

  5. Kiiim-Disneyland is so much fun and you can let loose there. Also, try putting corn, peas, or Spam in your instant noodle? It'd pretty good. ^^

    Ice Pandora-Oh haha, in Mean Girls, they have students share rumors about Regina George, a character in the film, and one of them says, "I hear Regina George does car commercials in Japan." I was quoting the film. XD

    Jezz Dallas-It was wonderful! :)

  6. om nom nom! agreed nothing better than a piping hot & spicy bowl of ramen super late or early in the morning!!! muhaha i also like to add an egg.. or a slice of cheese in it to balance the spiciness!! it's soo yummy!

  7. Hi dear, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your trip seems soo fun! I love eating ramen late at night even though I try not to XD. And jeez, the ACT/SATs were sooo long ago for me (I feel so oldd) but all you can really do to prepare is take as many practice tests as you can!


  8. Sounds like lovely time with girlfriends! Ramen at 3 am. Awesome :)

  9. You are having so much fun. Love the photos. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  10. Lisa-Cheese? I'll have to try that one day! Any specific type?

    Mei-You're lucky that you're past the SAT and ACT. The tests really focus on skill sets, so you can't really study for it. .__.

    Jane-Haha, it was a lot of fun.

    MbF-I'll check out your blog once I'm done with homework.


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