Saturday, April 20, 2013

"You Are What You Love, Not Who Loves You"

Playing: Take You With Me-French Films
 Reading: AP U.S. History Crash Course by Larry Krieger (Less than a month left to study for the AP test!)
Between meeting Andrew McMahon and Mary Katrantzou, I've been meeting a lot of people that I never thought I would even have the chance of getting within 10 feet of. Almost two weeks ago, I went to Nordstrom to meet Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of Viktor&Rolf. Originally, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get myself into the Flowerbomb signing event, but luckily a salesperson I knew let me in and pushed me to the front of the line. This wasn't half as intimate as the Mary Katrantzou meet and greet, since they were pushing people through the line as quickly as possible, but I still got a chance to briefly talk to them. Rolf told me I smelled good, which was ironic, since the party was for Flowerbomb and I was wearing Acqua di Gio.
Talking about compliments, I stopped by Milk and Honey to grab a Lychee Shaken Iced Tea and the guy working there let me cut in line. Not only did I get to the front of the line, but he also upgraded the drink to a size large for free and got my drink finished before serving the other people. He told me cute girls get served first, so I thanked him and awkwardly walked away. Since Milk and Honey is one of the best places for drinks, I hope he's there again. The line is always so long and I hate waiting.
Milk and Honey is located at the Camp just like Blackmarket Bakery, which serves exceptional pastries. Their Largo Citrus Tart is so wonderfully sour and I like how buttery the pastry cup is. Plus, they also sell interesting pastries from other distributors like this Cabernet Brownie made from wine flower. They basically made flower out of left over seeds and skins from wine factories, so the flower is rich with antioxidants and high in iron. Maybe it was just me, but I definitely sensed a fruity flavor to it that I think is from the wine flower.
Just to tie everything in this post back to the title, I love designers, tea, citrus flavored foods, and making my skin look flawless. Overall, my skin is pretty smooth, but I have some freckles and my coloring makes me look like I'm blushing all the time, so I like to use some foundation, BB cream, and other concealers to make my skin look more even. The Chanel foundation and cover up make my skin look the best, but when I'm feeling lazy, I'll use the Maybelline BB cream and Lancome concealer instead. I use the Lancome moisturizer everyday under my makeup and the Chanel lipstick only when I'm not feeling lazy. My makeup routine is super basic, but I just thought I'd share the products that I like using. Have a nice day! I need to get back to reading my English novel and studying for the APUSH exam.

Title from Fall Out Boy's "Save Rock and Roll"


  1. aww how exciting! i love flowerbomb!! yumm i love lychee drinks! hehehe it's so nice to be a girl sometimes :p

  2. I have never properly explored the camp, probably because parking there is so horrible. That experience at milk+honey seemed so awkward haha

  3. you're so hot that you get to cut lines and get served first! go girl!


  4. love the chanel vitalumiere - i swear by that stuff! xx

  5. Your lemon tart looks so tasty! Really buttery pastry is the best, butter makes everything taste better!

    Also, love Flowerbomb it is such a lovely scent and it stays around for ages!

    E x

  6. Wow sounds like you've met some awesome and inspiring people lately - so lucky!!!

  7. Lisa-Being a girl is so fun except for when there's a long line at the bathroom. XD


    prancing bee-Haha, I wasn't sure what to say, but when I left I thought it was an awfully nice perk of being a girl. :)

    Yvonne-Perks of being single and young? :D

    danniekate-It just looks so good on!

    HighlandFling-I want the Flowerbomb hand butter. It works so well and smells great!

    Winnie-It's been wonderful! Mary even gave me career advice and offered to help me out if I ever more to London! :D

  8. Great post, that all sounds amazing.

  9. Hiya :) I received my giveaway prize! thankyou so so much. It was lovely hope your well xx

  10. the pastry does look really delicious!! and ya I got pretty basic make up routine too, saves me time in the morning!!

  11. You know so many nice people!
    I mean cut in line and extras
    for drinks! :P

    Viktor&Rolf! They are from
    Holland :P so nice you got a
    signature from them! And I
    think daily makeup should be
    basic and subtle c:


  12. Oh, this citrus tart looks delightful. I really like the saying here, You are what you love, not who loves you. It is a wonderful quote.

    Happy Friday,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  13. awwww hahahaha so cute of the guy to let u cut and upgrade your drink!!! ;D hope you get to see him again next time heeheeee

  14. Aww loved this post, so lucky to meet Viktor and Rolf!!
    Also the Milk and Honey part made me laugh :D
    Now following you! (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  15. Haha I wish I can get free ugrades :D
    Lovelyy post!

    x Flo

  16. Imogen-Thanks!

    terrileanne x-I'm so glad you got it! I was worried that I messed up on the customs forms I had to fill out, but it seems like I didn't. :)

    Pop Champagne-And it's more comfortable too!

    Ice Pandora-Ooh, I didn't know they were from Holland! That's cool!

    Red Rose Alley-Thank you! I've had the song stuck in my head, especially those lines. :3

    ShinyPrettyThings-Even though I was pretty awkward, it's always nice being complimented by someone. ^^

    Fashion Ganache-Thank you!

    Florence-You're so pretty that I bet plenty of boys will like you! Just have to find someone who can get you upgrades! :D

  17. so awesome! look at them! they're too cool posing like that, haha.

    my makeup routine is pretty easy too. just concealer, powder, and blush. minimal is nice! :D

    thanks for stopping by my blog!


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