Thursday, February 2, 2012

New York Day 5

Playing: Little Trip to Heaven-Tom Waits
Reading: Spring 2012
Started off my morning the same way as usual, just walking around and enjoying the sights. When we headed over to the Metropolitan Museum and found ourselves in Little Germany. We stopped off at Heidelberg to grab lunch and I got the recommended Apple Pancake. It was extremely tasty and massive, so I gave some to all of my family members. I wasn't expecting it to be so dessert like, but I'm not one to complain about having dessert for lunch, now am I?
Once we were done eating, we walked to the Metropolitan Museum to see the Egyptian exhibit, which I read about in a book. Ever since reading about the temple they have, I've wanted to visit it. It was wonderful and I loved how the fountain surrounded it!
This central court area, not sure of the name, was really beautiful! The glass ceiling allowed plenty of natural sunlight to come in and the statues were magnificent. I think this might've been my favorite area in the whole museum, but I can't say for sure, since there was no way I could fit the whole museum in one day!
When I walked out of the contemporary art section, I saw these Japanese tourists sleeping. It was kind of hilarious, when an employee asked the two of them if they were feeling alright. The two of them looked so startled and the employee was genuinely concerned for them.
The medieval weapons area had so many suits of armor, which scarily, were my size! I stood next to them and most of the suits of armor were my height or just an inch higher, so that means, I'm as tall as the average medieval male! I really liked this section, which made me feel odd because I was one of the few girls there that was enjoying it as much as the boys...
We then headed off to the Roman art exhibit, which was lovely, but our dinner reservations were coming up soon, so we had to zoom through this area. There was this really good artist there that was sketching all of the statues. I should've asked the man for a picture, but I thought it would be rude of me to disturb him, while he was drawing.
We then took a subway over to Bobby Van's to celebrate my brother's birthday. We ordered the porterhouse with sauteed mushrooms and creamed spinach. You can't tell by the photo, but they overcooked our steak majorly. We ordered medium rare and received medium well. I've been to Bobby Van's twice and both times, they overcooked my steak, but my brother and father insist that the steak is really good, when done right, so I'll have to see. Thank you for reading!


  1. omgosh i ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the egyptian exhibit in the Metropolitan museum! it's so cool!!

    wow i'm sorry to hear about your steak.. steak is an art form! it really sucks when it's not cooked properly because it ruins the meat! did you guys go on a weekend?? they probably had too many people and were just churning them out.. i find that going to steakhouses between mon-thurs is usually better for them to be cooked properly!

  2. Man I am craving for some apple pancakes right now :( those are my favorites!
    Haha, lolling about the 2 Japanese who fell asleep :')
    Also happy birthday to your brother aswell! Boo about the steaks :(


  3. Thanks for your comment
    Gorgeous place :) love it!

    Visit me too:

  4. Lisa-I went on a Wednesday, but it was really busy, so you're probably right! I loved the exhibit and it's so impressive! Makes me wonder how they got it across the ocean. :3

    Ice Pandora-Are they common in Europe? I wasn't sure and it seems you have them too, so I'm just wondering. :)

    Florence-You're welcome! ^^

    `AMELICIOUS-You're welcome! c:


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