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New York The Last Bit of Day 6

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For the last day of my vacation in New York, my family and I met up with my uncle for the afternoon. We grabbed lunch at Ben's and ate to our stomach's content. I got the Fried Kreplach to share with everyone, which were basically large dumplings deep fried and topped with mouth watering onions. It was so good, but the chopped liver my brother ordered was even better!
For myself, I ordered the Hungarian Goulash, which came with a side of peas. The meat wasn't as tender as they claimed, but my definition of tender is ten times more tender than the average American. The sauce was good and the noodles tasted home-y. Ben's is great, if you're willing to wait for a table, but just be warned, the portions are gigantic!
Afterwards, we walked to the Intrepid Museum except my parents didn't tell my brother or me what Intrepid was, so I asked my brother, "What's Intrepid? I hope it's a good bakery. I could go for a cannoli." "We just ate, so I doubt it. Stop obsessing over cannolis right now," my brother responded. Yes, that's what a pig I can be. While we were at the Intrepid Museum, I spent a long time looking at the self eject seats and I would like to get those installed in every car. It could be fun; you never know! Even if you're not into airplanes, Intrepid is a lovely place to go to because the view is lovely!
We then headed over to Little Italy again, since I adore Little Italy more than most places in New York. The food is sublime there. At De Gennaro, they give you complimentary bread with an olive oil spread, but I only like the center parts of bread, so I only ate that, thinking no one would notice. My mum picked up the bread and looked at the middle and then glared at me. Then later on, my uncle picked up the same piece and went, "Who did this?" Who else other than me? I thought they would never notice, but I was wrong.
This is probably my new favorite dish at De Gennaro. It's the Penne alla Gennaro and it had, if I can remember correctly, pancetta, peas, and mushrooms in a tomato cream sauce. It was literally perfection and it wasn't too heavy, nor too light. This is probably one of my favorite pastas I've ever had. No joke.
Finally, we went to my favorite eatery in New York, Ferrarra Bakery for my favorite cannolis in the world. I probably got over 3 dozen of these beauties, while I was there to share with my family and I brought a dozen home back to California. These are one of the main reasons why I love New York and why I always want to go back. My brother also bought a cream filled lobster tail to share with me and my dad bought a baba rum for himself and only himself.
On the last night of our trip, we watched the light show that Saks Fifth Avenue was putting on. It was nice and it attracted quite the crowd, so it was good advertisement for Saks. I really like how New York does these types of things, just putting an ounce of magic into everything. Even though this was my last day there for this trip, I like how I always know it's not my last time there. I like knowing that one day I'm going to have another Ferrarra cannoli, visit more flag ship stores of my favorite designers, and that New York always has something more to offer me. One day I want to see the High Line and next time, I'll explore more of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Until then, I'll be sitting in my classes, dreaming about the next time I'm in this wonderful city.
What's your favorite part of New York?


  1. omg cannolis!! they look so yummy XD your NY trip posts have been amazing. u did so much! thanks for sharing =]

  2. This post made us crave for food!:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. omgosh that pasta looks SOOO AMAZING!! i love love a good cream sauce but I REALLY LOVE a tomato cream sauce.. it's like getting to eat both a white sauce AND a red sauce HAHAH i'm kinda undecisive like that i usually order a white sauce and make the hubs order a red so i can eat both HAHAHA.. but combined in one dish is PERFECTION! and hello pancetta and peas! MY FAVE YUMMM i think i would super love this dish!!

    oh fyi.. Roy's is more of a fine dining place.. so i don't think it was on triple D but you should def still go it's by far my absolute favorite restaurant in the world!! :) miso butterfish and chocolate souffle!!!

  4. lol ok, i am from nyc but i have not been those places before except the intrepid museum!! i guess because there are just wayy too many restaurants/eateries in the city, it is easy to choose another over that one. the pastas in nyc are very delicious indeed. you should try the museum of modern art next time if you like that kind of stuff. it's really a wonderful museum!!! keep in touch :)


  5. saks! that must have been a nice light show, and ya I love new york in terms of shopping and food!!

  6. Oh my, I've been to Intrepid Museum before ^___^
    Kind of interesting...
    I would love to try out what a canolli is, I've seend it on pictures but never tried it :c

    You go to such great food places!!
    The food looks delicious..

    My favorite NY spot: Canal street (muahaha), Korean street, 5th avenue, Time Square, Brooklyn (my family lives there!)


  7. i love the bubbles on the light show :3

  8. ShinyPrettyThings-Cannolis are my favorite dessert to get in NY! And no problem! Thanks for reading! ^^

    .sabo skirt.-Which isn't a bad thing, so thank you!

    Lisa-Haha I love creamy tomato sauces and you're totally right! It's the best of both worlds really and your husband must be a really good guy to do that for you. :)

    Joyce-Museum of Modern Art? Sounds fabulous! I must go next time. :3

    Pop Champagne-Yes, they have every store and restaurant you could ever want! :D

    Ice Pandora-I've been to all those places before except Korean street. Canal Street is right by little Italy, so you should grab some cannolis next time you're there! c:

    devorelebeaumonstre.-Most definitely!

    yiqin;-It was! :D

    Hello Naka-Super pretty, right?


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