Sunday, February 12, 2012

San Diego Serenade

Playing: This is How We Live-The Summer Set
Reading: Variations on the Word Love by Margaret Atwood
Over winter break, my brother decided it'd be fun to go to San Diego, since I'm always forcing him to go to Los Angeles. Originally, we were supposed to go to the San Diego Zoo to watch pandas be pandas, but then they were closing within two hours, so we didn't end up going.  However, we did stop off at Harar Ethiopian Restaurant, where we ordered gored gored, yequanta fir fir, and the eggplant. It was all very tasty, but we had to wait around 45 minutes just for our food to come, so we won't be doing that again.
We ended up heading over to Old Town San Diego instead and it has a distinctly Mexican vibe. I was expecting it to have a vintage 1950's/1960's feel like Old Town Orange and Old Town Tustin, but this was so different, as you can see.
They had these street vendors there for the day and I loved this stall. They had all these clear glass flower pots that were just so creative. I would never have thought of decorating my flowers like this, but they're so simple and intriguing. I also like the sleek modernity of the vase with the delicate flowers. Very nice.
We headed over to the area that felt more Western and walked around. There were some really cool stores here like a Chinese antiques store, a rock store, a book store specializing in ghost stories, and a soda store. Old Town San Diego just had tons of neat stuff that I had never seen before like a store with over 100 flavors of soda.
My brother bought a chocolate bar for us to share, but we haven't tried it yet. Fingers crossed! Hope it tastes good! Then I bought my favorite crisps from this little Irish store. The lady told me, "Oh, you're going to love these! They're so good!" "Oh, I know. I used to eat them all the time, when I was in London, " I replied and her response was, "I knew you were from England the moment you opened your mouth! I can tell by your accent!" That awkward moment when someone thinks you're from England and you've really lived in California your whole life. When I told her I was in London, I meant my trip there, not me living in there as a resident and all. So there you go, that was my day in San Diego! Thanks for reading!

PS Yes, my title is a song from Tom Waits.


  1. hahaha that last post made me LOL! that's weird hahah.. that she thought you were from london.. even though you grew up in california.. weird.... hahah.. those chips look yummie.. i'll have to see if i can find those!

  2. HAHAHHAA silly americans is all i can say to that comment that lady made to you. the food looks yummy but it really ruins things when u have to wait ages for it to arrive! hope u can make it to the zoo next time. i haven't been back there in yrs but pandas being pandas is quite amusing, more than i thought it would be lol

  3. San Diego looks a fun place to visit and to explore ^^
    Hmmm Ethiopian food? I wonder how it taste like.. it looks very 'meaty' to me - not my favorite :P
    The glassy flower pots looks indeed nice ^^


  4. ohh you were in San Diego too?! damn we should have meet up :D

  5. Wish I was there!

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)


  6. Lisa-Haha, she was from England, so it was even better that my natural accent fooled her. >:)

    ShinyPrettyThings-Pandas are lovely. I like fooling English people with my natural accent because it shows the time I spent with my Scottish nanny was worth it. >:D

    Ice Pandora-Some of the things on the menu weren't meaty, so you could get something that would appeal to you. I personally enjoy their tomato-y meat dishes. :3

    Pop Champagne-Next time you come out to California, let's meet up! We can go to Rodeo Drive and shop! ^^

    Antonia-Wish you could join me! Thanks and you too! c:

  7. i wish my bro bought me food he normally eats mine T^T

  8. Hello Naka-Is he an older or younger brother? :)


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