Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jason Wu Made My Weekend Picture Perfect

Playing: Mr. Brightside-The Killers
Reading: Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
Actually, my weekend wasn't perfect. Only half of it was because Saturday was pretty horrible. I spent my day inside doing my homework for English, French, algebra, history, and chemistry. That was about the extent of my Saturday activities, but Sunday redeemed my weekend! Why? Because Jason Wu saved it with his collaboration with Target! He's like my Superman. Haha, I must sound so silly, but seriously, it's Jason Wu.
My mum and I bought two dresses, the black and white one and the peach one. The monotone one belongs to me, while the other is my mum's. I like the really clean cut of these and the collars on them. I think a skinny black belt would be perfect for my dress and it might look cool with my boots...Must check my proportions first!
Part of my plan to wear less t-shirts is to get some blouses into my wardrobe, so I decided these two blouses were the perfect opportunity. Truthfully, I prefer the blush one, but I'll probably wear the navy one more, since I'm not much of a pink person. My friend, Jessy, got the blue blouse too, so we're planning on twinning like good kindergarteners!
Both of these tops are my mum's but how lovely is that blue blouse? I simply adore the sheer top part because it adds some interest to it and lends a sense of maturity to an otherwise youthful print. I can't fit into either one, since both are size smalls, not extra smalls, so I'll have to cinch them or something to make them work for me!
One of the things I wanted the most was this pleated skirt, which actually looks more expensive than it was. I also wanted the white blouse with the black bow, but that was an online exclusive. I was actually quite upset to see that the Target I went to didn't have the trench coats, cat tote, cat scarf, the pleated shorts, or the saddlebags. However I'm glad that they had this purse, which comes with a cross body strap. It's like he had me in mind and said, "A shoulder strap will appeal to Audrey so I shall put one on it."
Afterwards, I grabbed some lunch at my favorite bagel deli to get some lox with cream cheese on a garlic bagel. Although, in this photo, all you can see are tomatoes, huh? I suppose tomatoes are fun to look at then...Lately, I've been obsessing over cream cheese with lox on bagels and I get them anywhere I can. They're so fresh tasting and I love the smokiness of the lox with the creaminess of the cream cheese and the sharpness of the onions.
After lunch, I finished up my homework and went to Chelcee's place to watch Titanic and then we decided that a cruise vacation no longer sounded pleasant. In fact, I discussed my whole plan for how to survive should you ever be on the Titanic and should it sink plus how Jack and Rose should've died earlier, since she went back to save him and went through the ice cold water. I'm telling you, hypothermia kicks in faster! And then we went to church for a Super Bowl Party and then left early, since neither one of us are into football...
Then at the end of the day, I finally cooked my rainbow soba for dinner, which was the perfect way to end a perfect day. I quite like the colors and the texture of these noodles. Also, how can the colors not brighten your mood? It's like having the rainbow for dinner, only this on won't get you yelled at by your mum like Skittles do! Thanks for reading!
How were your Valentine's Days? I spent mine doing homework!


  1. MMm the noodles look good!
    I spent my Vday studying for a midterm :( boo!

  2. oh wow you got a lot!!!! haha luck you!!!
    same here well kind of i was at school all day!!!

  3. haha I went to target and didn't see anything from his collection there! damn I must have went to a bad target! lovely stuff you got!

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. Becky-Ooh, looks like both of us were occupied with school! D:

    derek-But you go to FIT! That's fabulous! I want to join you. :D

    Pop Champagne-Next time, call the Target in advance! I called six Targets ahead of time to make sure they'd have it. :3

    Anita-Oh why thank you! :)

  6. Nice haul ^__^ I love those blouses, they are so elegant and girly and love that little bowtie/scarf detail!

    Titanic I have watched it for a gazillion times and there will be a 3D version released soon in the cinema!


  7. i love the blue blouse ^_^ and the bag too :3 awh thats sucks my valetines day didnt go to plan at all btu it was still good i did have to spend 2 hours doing maths on it though :(

  8. Ice Pandora-I actually really want to see it in 3D, so that I can see the scene where he's holding her and the wind is blowing so she's "flying" part. I think that'll be even better in 3D. ♥

    Hello Naka-Ooh, looks like our Valentine's Days were equally fun! Oh math replacing love! XD

  9. oh my i've been drooling all over the pictures blogger have been posting of their j.wu hauls! you got some really good stuff!

  10. amanda-I actually haven't seen that many Jason Wu hauls as I expected! I saw a lot more for VersaceXH&M. Anyway you could send me a few links for Jason Wu hauls? :3


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