Sunday, February 19, 2012

New York Morning of Day 6

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On the last day of my fabulous trip to New York, my family and I started off the day going to Macy's to look at the window displays because we heard they were better than the ones at Saks. Not true. I mean they were creative and had a beautiful set, but Saks weaved wonderful designer gowns into a children's story. That wins in my book.
Afterwards, I forced my parents to take me to the Meatpacking District to see the lovely Moschino store. All of the furniture was so adorable from the plush heart chairs to the coin purse inspired couch inside. Then again, what do I expect from the designer that brought the perfect blend of cute and high fashion to us? The employees were all very kind and took out anything you wanted to see too, so that's always a plus side!
The Alexander McQueen store was one of the things at the top of my list to visit. Long before Lady Gaga and his suicide brought his name to attention, I have admired his work. Sarah Burton has done such an amazing job taking over from him. She remains true to McQueen's original edgy style, but has brought a softer, more feminine look to the house.
Inside, it felt like a futuristic tunnel with curved walls and corridors plus mirrored rooms lit up brightly. I liked how the store was just as interesting as the clothes. However, the staff really needed to pay more attention to the guests. They didn't catch me taking photos as most stores do and I took photos right in front of the workers. Also, the most acknowledgment I received was, "Excuse me, why are you taking more than one look book?" Because I wanted to bring some home for my friends, duh. The clothes were so much more magnificent in real life though. I'm so used to seeing them on the runway.
While walking back to the subway, I saw this brick apartment building with another all black one popping out of it! I love how New York has all of these interesting buildings and wouldn't it be great to live there? I wonder if the black part was just added on or if it was designed that way for "artistic" purposes. Also, if they built on, why didn't they just build it right on top, instead of meshing it into the original building?
Then we headed off to the Garment District to meet my uncle for lunch. While walking around, I passed the one and only, Spandex World! What do you think? Should I buy fabric for my prom dress here? Jokes or course...But seriously, all my friends saw this photo on my Facebook and questioned me about this place.
Ooh and just because I want to save the rest of my last day in New York for another post, I'll leave you with the two other items I bought in New York other than my Alexander Wang shoes. I saw these NYU students all in suits wearing top hats having a photo shoot and I fell in love with them, so I decided to get my own top hat at the Metropolitan Opera Store. I have actually worn it quite a few times already and people always stare at me when I wear it, which is pretty fun, I guess. Then I got the pocket watch at the fair in Central Park. I seriously dress like a dandy sometimes, but it's not because I want to be a pompous male from the 1800's. It's because I quite like dressing up and I like being "quirky" and wearing this type of stuff gives me great joy.
What's your favorite store/boutique?


  1. omg i wanna visit spandex world :p and that pretty cool being able to visit an actual store of alexander mcqueen

  2. ohhhh i'd love to visit the garment district one day. the McQueen store looks amazing!! love your NY posts

  3. Oh no twin shadow didn't really guitar smash he only threw it on the ground... New York looks wonderful, I'd love to go there one day!

  4. Oh man.. this brings back memories of my trip there in 2010. NYC is so fucking amazing. I loved all the window displays! They were soo creative and elaborate compared to anything here.

  5. i love loveeeee alexander mcqueen especially now that sarah burton has taken over!! to be totally honest his designs are a bit more edgy then i am.. but with sarah buton.. i'm in love with the mix of edgy and feminine!!

  6. I love NY! and what a cute pair of shoes you got!

    ♥ Pjlatte's Bag Book ♥

  7. great photos. i hope you have a wonderful time in new york!

  8. I have so many favorite boutiques that I love *o*
    Omg I would love to go to Spandex World! This totally remind me of an episode 'Project Runway'

    I am also surprised those salesworker let you take photos :)

    I hope you enjoyed your stay in NY!!


  9. ooh i love all these photos! I love NYC! such a beautiful city!

    love from San Francisco,

  10. Hello Naka-Haha, it'd be fun just for all the colors, right? :)

    ShinyPrettyThings-If I lived in the Garment District, I would be broke after spending my money on everything they had. At least I'd have fun crafting and sewing! :D

    Rachael-Oh ok, that makes more sense because smashing a guitar would be expensive...

    Magnet-I live in the suburbs, so all our window displays are pretty lame. I love NY's creativity and the beautiful sets they came up with! c:

    Lisa-I prefer Alexander McQueen to be truthful because his clothing was more outrageous and looked like something that came out of my dreams! It looked like something that Tim Burton would love and it was so darkly romantic. :3 (However Sarah Burton is doing a magnificent job and I do like her designs too!)

    pjlatte-Me too! And yes, I love my shoes! (:

    allure-edition-Yes, it was wonderful and magical there. ^^

    Ice Pandora-I'm surprised they let me, but I think it's because they were just bad sales people...I love Project Runway and I totally know what you mean! :D

    Britt+Whit-Thank you! NY is one of my favorite places in the world! :)


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