Monday, April 2, 2012

Diamond Jamboree

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I've been seeing Diamond Jamboree all over the blogosphere lately, so I decided to do a little write up of it myself. I don't go that often, but I have been there a few times. According to my dad's friend, people from all over California, especially from Los Angeles, like to drive to Diamond Jamboree to hang out and experience all sorts of Asian foods. Diamond Jamboree covers a lot of Asian cuisine including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese.  
At Chef Hung, you can order his award winning soup noodles for around $10 each. I ordered the Champion Beef Shank with Noodle in Soup, which to be perfectly honest, was only ok. I've had better and I don't really understand how this could win Taiwan's award for best noodle soup. The service was quick, friendly, and very good looking. Yes, that is of importance. Good looking waiters will bring me back. I like how any noodle dish you order, you can choose from a wide variety of noodles to eat plus you can watch them make your dish, if you like. They also give you complimentary black tea, as soon as you sit down.
85 Degree C bakery is apparently a popular, Taiwanese bakery. The pastries in general are pretty good, but there's almost always a long line that goes out of the store just to get in. My favorite pastries to get there are the Half Moon Cakes, which are fluffy cakes with jam or cream spread in the middle plus coconut shavings on the edges. It's light as air and just so good, but most of the time, it's not worth the wait, at least for me. I tend to find 85 Degree  C's drinks to be disappointing and I much rather go next door to Lollicup for a drink.
 The Papaya Thai Bistro is my favorite restaurant at Diamond Jamboree due to the fact that it's the only non-Thai Spice Thai restaurant that I'm aware of. The food tastes pretty great to me and the serving size is reasonable for the price. My favorite dish there is the Duck Noodle Soup, which comes in a huge bowl that can be shared between two people. The duck is so tender and the soup is just a tad spicy.
The other thing that I enjoy tremendously so at Thai Papaya Bistro are the Money Bags. They're basically like fried wontons filled with ground meat, coconut, green onion, and carrots, but they're just so tasty and I love them. The only issue with this place is their service. They bring out one dish at a time and depending on who you get, the server can be a bit rude and sometimes, they seem too bored. Also, quite a few times that I've gone there, they brought out the food before the utensils, so I had to go up to one of them and ask for utensils.
 At BCD Tofu House, open 24 hours, you can order normal hot tofu dishes plus much more. I usually like to do their combination meals, with the pork tofu and bulgogi noodles, which is a pretty good price for a large amount of food. The food is pretty standard, but the array of side dishes that come complimentary with your meal is impressive. However, I rarely go here due to the long wait just to get a table.
Diamond Jamboree's main attraction for my group of friends is Sticki Picki, a store filled with purikura machines. The only issues I have with Sticki Picki is that they never turn on the air conditioning and it's very crowded, so my friends and I can last two rounds before we all get dehydrated and leave for Lollicup. However, I don't know if this is true, since this is the only purikura place I've been too, but apparently, it's very expensive at $10-$12 per round. Overall, Diamond Jamboree has a lot of food to offer and can be a great hang out place, if you want to do a round of purikura or go to karaoke!


  1. LOL. mein kampf. at least you don't have to read zinn and degler...

  2. The sticki pic is so cute! :D I love Taiwanese bakeries too, they are good at making bread!

  3. full of fooooood! Great!

  4. The thai soup looks delicious

  5. The Champion Beef Shank with Noodle in Soup look very yummy but what a pity that in the end it was "only ok" (>_<)

    The purikura is very cute!

  6. Sarah-We have to read all these historical essays for homework. Last week, we had to read Mussolini too and this one by the Japanese ruler. It's pretty weird stuff.

    Nana-I just wish Asian cakes had more flavor! But yes, the bread is good. :)

    florence-Yup, the more food, the better! ^^

    M'leikie-It is! It's one of my favorites! :3

    Sarah-Such a shame that it was award winning too! Got my hopes up! ;~;

  7. I don't eat cows so the
    beef noodle soup wont
    go through my stumach!

    the 85 Degree bakery
    sounds reaaally inviting!
    One thing that I don't
    like are lines. I hate
    lines! They really scare
    me away :c

    Those 'Money Bags' from
    Thai Bistro makes good
    accessory haha...


  8. All these dishes look so yummy and now my mouth wont stop

  9. All that food looks good!

  10. All of the food looks amazing, and I really want to use a purikura machine! I'm sure if you rounded your friends up they'd be more than willing to go on an adventure with you :) xxx

  11. I love 85C bakery! The one in L.A is busy but not as crazy as the one in Irvine. My fave is the rose cream cheese bun and taro swirl! :D

  12. C'est vrai que Carrie est très belle ! Et elle sublime parfaitement sa robe ! Parfaite parfaite !

    Merci pour le commentaire : )

  13. The food looks so amazing - great post!

  14. XD never read that book, here in germany we get to read 'anne franks tagebuch' every year at school... and every year and every year.

    that place looks like i could get fat within a day there *lol* yummy and fun i guess ^^

  15. Inês de Castro-Mhmm! Makes me hungry! :o

    Ice Pandora-I see what you did there, money bags, accessories, haha! 8D I really dislike waiting in lines for food too, so I usually go to a different place with no line!

    Elizabeth King-Haha, so true. :)

    t-You bet! ^^

    Natasha-If only we had time to do it without having to worry about schoolwork! D: And I'll take you to a purikura machine!

    Shop N' Chomp-Rose Cream Cheese Bun? SOUNDS SO DELICIOUS! I want to try some! :3

    V McCartney-Carrie est tres jolie! C'est vrai! :D

    LéaChou-You're most welcome! ^^

    Sophie-Thank you so much! c:

    kakuidori-I read that book last year. It was pretty good, but I can't see it being a school book, considering it goes over feminine hygiene and I don't think boys would want to read that! XD


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