Friday, April 20, 2012

Downtown Fullerton

Playing: Kelsey-Metro Station
Reading: War of the Worlds by HG Wells
For a day of hardcore thrifting and fun, Sophie took me to Downtown Fullerton. We had been planning on a day for thrifting for awhile now, but school work kept us from going out and we finally had time this Spring Break, so we went for it.
We started off at the Stray Cat, which as you can see, is very crowded. A lot of clothing and costumes are there, but it's so crowded that you really have to dig to find what you want. I did like the large selection of records and other band memorabilia, which kept me occupied for a long time, searching through everything. I believe Sophie said this one was her favorite that day.
After the Stray Cat, we went to American Vintage, which is only a few doors down. Sophie and I loved how organized it was and I liked the large array of designer and military clothing. What was interesting was that every style of clothing was the same price. For example, a polo shirt will cost you $16 no matter what brand it is nor the quality. The clothing here was actually very reasonably priced compared to some other thirft stores I've been to and considering this one was extremely clean and well arranged.
The Buffalo Exchange was exactly like any other Buffalo Exchange out there, but we went, since it was right across the street from the other places. If you're looking for modern clothing, this is probably your best bet. Sophie and I spent a long time here, but had difficulty finding stuff that fit for a decent price. After we were done with the thrift stores in Downtown Fullerton, we went on a hunt for some food for me and ended up at a Starbuck's.
While walking around, Sophie found this cutout and decided she wanted to see what it was like to be a man. Obviously, she makes a very charming boy and if any of you are interested, I'll let her know. We had to plan out the rest of our day and where we were going to walk to next because walking aimlessly is only fun, when it isn't hot outside and that day it was uncomfortably warm.
 Finally, when we did get going, we walked past Fullerton College and their amazing sculptures. Here I am, sitting in someone's hand and talking to Sophie. "What face should I make, Sophie?" "There! I took the photo!" Wow, in the middle of my question, she took a photo of me. Guess that works too, huh? For the rest of Sophie and my Fullerton adventure, please stay tuned for the next post!


  1. This is all so sweet, and sorry for the late reply- but I'd love to read your piece on feminism and put it in the zine, can you email it to thankyou! xxx

  2. thrift stores :-O we only have those 'for people aged 70+' thrift stores around *sigh* yours look so much more fun!
    also those sculpture area seems amazing!

  3. I wish we have this
    kind of cool trift
    stores o: ours are
    a little bit toooo
    oldfashion for old


  4. I love American Vintage! I have one down the street with me in Studio City. I also agree with you about Buffalo Exchange. Hope you had a great day thrifting! I am hosting my first giveaway if you'd like to check it out here.



    Southern (California) Belle

  5. the top one looks like the perfect place to find treasures, i love it when they're packed to the rafters x

  6. Nice pictures! Oooo so many thrift stores, i have only been to like two in my entire life :P

  7. bollykecks-Oki doki, I'll type it up and send it off to you. :)

    kakuidori-I'm sure you could probably find at least one piece at those stored that you would like. :3

    prancing bee-It was definitely very interesting! XD

    Ice Pandora-A lot of these pieces are probably from older people too, so maybe try digging deeper? ^^

    Ashley-Ooh, there are more than one American Vintage? I'll have to check them out! :D

    Jess-Sounds like you must join me next time then! c:

    Joyce-Well, I haven't been to that many before, but I tend to go to a bunch in one day if I do decide to go. (:

  8. I love Fullerton! I'm a CSUF Alumni! I remember back in the day shopping in downtown Fullerton just like you and your girlfriend. Nice memories.

  9. Belle-Really? That's so cool that you went to CSUF! It's fun to find other people from southern California. :D


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