Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fullerton Adventures

Playing: Under the Gun-The Killers
Reading: The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman
To continue our adventure in Fullerton, Sophie and I walked a mile to get to another area in Fullerton that had this great deserted desert city, retro type of vibe. Of course, I couldn't resist the challenge of telling Sophie to go look like an angry teenager for my photo and have her listen to me.
Our mile long walk took us to The Thrift Store, which was one of our sketchier finds. It was completely random selling everything from clothes to strollers to old china. One of the problems I had with this place was how stuffy it was and how there wasn't much of a breeze. However, if you look through their DVDs and CDs, you can probably find something you like for less than $3.
As you can see, the back half of The Thrift Store was jam packed with clothing from past decades and there was so much that Sophie and I sort of gave up on it. Sophie looks absolutely flabbergasted at how much clothing there seems to be in this photo. By that time, she and I were extremely dehydrated from the stuffiness of the store and the hot weather, so we left in search of a place to get drinks.
We ended up getting drinks at a CVS Pharmacy, but ultimately ended up at a 99 Cent Store, which was at least another mile away or so it felt that way. I kind of want to get this deodorant for a friend, so I can walk up to them and tell them they SMELL LIKE TEEN SPIRIT. I think Nirvana needs to sue this brand and teach them a lesson. Haha, but seriously, isn't this the best name for deodorant ever? Whenever I'm in the locker room with my friends and it smells horrible, I say, "It smells like teen spirit in here."
Sophie ended up digging through the makeup section in hopes of finding something amazing and for doing a review on her blog. However, I was incapable of helping her find something cool to buy because I was too busy drinking water and trying to stop myself from being too dehydrated. She ended up getting some pretty nifty items and we just bummed around for a bit before we decided it was time to call it quits. We've decided that we're going to explore more cities now just to get a better feel for California. Sounds like a halfway good idea, right?
Do you explore different towns just because you feel like it? No reason other than just because you want to?


  1. we've been exploring all the little cities and towns around us in germany and it's so fun!!! you discover and see all sorts of things

  2. Nirvana should teach that deo a lesson, LOL!

    I think I will sneeze constantly
    in a thrift shop.. so dusty..
    I like to travel and to explore
    and hopefully I will find
    something interesting that I can
    post on my blog haha =w=


  3. Lisa-You should bring me along. I would love to explore Germany! ^^

    Ice Pandora-Well, your blog is full of interesting plus pretty things, so I'm sure you can find something in the towns around you for us to see! ♥

    riysse-Want me to get you one?

  4. Ooo my friends and I love going thriting! We google and go to other thrift shops in other areas too. It's always fun to explore ~ LOL @ the deodorant!

  5. Ahh that looks so fun! Thrift stores are the best, you can get some of the best stuff for so cheap. I love exploring as well, so definitely keep it up - you never know what you'll find (: Cute blog!

    --Char xx

  6. Hi!!! Do you buy new makeup??? :)
    I'm following you!!!!

  7. i used to love hopping onto the train and going to different cities, but since i'm over 16 now the prices are too expensive :( i used to love getting lost XD cheap make up win!

  8. Looks so fun! <3

    I miss teen spirit~ & I love digging make up too =X

  9. Gerrytales-Haha, I should join you and your friends one day! ^^

    beyondtheday-Thank you! And thrift stores seem to have the funkiest clothes too! :3

    Rosalinda Tijoe-Thank you! :)

    Nass-Panda-Thank you so much for the follow! :D

    Hello Naka-Aww, that stinks that the price increases. Wish you could go on more adventures! c:

    q0q0-Haha, teen spirit is great for powering us through essays and exams! XD

  10. Cool post.


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