Sunday, April 29, 2012

Life's a Beach

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I spent my last day of Spring Break, wondering aimlessly through Seal Beach and enjoying being a Californian. Spent plenty of time hanging out around the pier and taking photos of the area such as this little garden they have by the beach. I remember I was walking around this garden a few years back and this guy was walking his pet turtle there. He used to be here every weekend and I wonder where he went, since he's no longer there.
Surprisingly, there weren't that many people on the beach the day I went. They probably all went to Huntington Beach or Newport Beach, which seem to be the most popular beaches. The nice thing about this pier is that the street it's by is filled with vintage shops plus quaint specialty stores. Also, the food is pretty decent along this street and they have "indie" bars.
I took Hobbes, my dog, with me for a walk along the beach, which was a bad idea, since apparently bringing your dog onto the beach is against the rules according to the lifeguard...So I ended up walking along the residential streets looking at homes and keeping my dog away from all the other dogs, since the veterinarian told me he's "doggy aggressive."
I found this super modern looking home that I like quite a bit. I especially like the driveway and how it's a bunch of rectangular tiles with grass in between. It's a nice contrast between rock and greenery. I would love to see what these homes look like on the inside. If you're into architecture like me, this street has a lot of interesting homes. There's Victorian style homes, beach bungalows, modern houses, and some that have Roman influence with pillars and such.
After a long day of exploring Seal Beach and looking at homes, I decided to go off to Ralph's to buy some snacking basics. I bought some lemon curd in lieu of my normal fruit preserves and jam along with some angel cake. I love spreading jam on this cake for a quick and easy (and surprisingly low calorie, for those of you on a diet) snack. Then I settled in for the night watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix.
What do you do to unwind?
P.S. Life truly is a beach. I didn't get accepted for the internship I applied for and a friend of mine did not get the job she was applying for, even though we both worked hard for it,


  1. Wow it's so pretty & your dog still looks healthy :p

  2. Awww. Walking a pet turtle sounds so cute. And your dog is really cute! :D I haven't been to the beach in years... I was never really fond of getting sand everywhere. :'D

  3. yeah sometimes things don't work out.. but better things come along! Hang in there! something will work out!

  4. Hobbes is such a cute doggie <3
    May have many lives!

    I think it's a good thing
    that beach was abandoned, I hate
    beaches with massive people
    in it..
    Maybe the guy with the turtle
    went to the popular beaches,

    That house is nice, indeed!
    Especially about the fact
    that there are grasses
    growing between the tiles!


  5. i'm sorry to hear you didn;t get the intrenship, i hope something even better turns up :)

  6. Paula Yang-Even though my dog is overweight according to the vet? Haha, that's why I'm taking him on walks! XD

    Hilary-I would love to walk a pet turtle! And maybe the pool is more your style? :)

    Pop Champagne-Thank you for being supportive! And hopefully you're right! ♥

    Ice Pandora-Maybe he did go off to the popular beaches. I hate when a beach is crowded, but I also like a few people to be around too. ^^

    Hello Naka-Thank you for being so positive! And I'm looking around for something to do. :3

  7. your dog is so so cute!
    xx miss annie

  8. Love pics of the beach and pier! And your dog is adorable. Isn't living in Cali the best?!

  9. miss annie-Thank you! :)

    Belle-California is amazing! I love how we have fall, spring, and summer, but no winter! :D

  10. walking your dog to unwind is great.

  11. Krissa-Yup, until my dog gets too close to another dog. XD


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