Monday, April 9, 2012

A Very Hipster Easter

Playing: Daddy's Eyes-The Killers
Reading: tanpopo by camille d'errico
Hello everyone and hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Now I didn't really have a hipster Easter, since I did all of this Friday after school. Anyways, my course of actions isn't even all that hipster or indie. In fact, it was all my friends and I joking about what hipsters we are.
I was left with a very important task to do for my church. Something so mind blowing, I had to give my full attention to it and focus solely on it. What exactly was I left to do that demanded my full, undivided attention? I was left with the important task of drawing and designing an Easter egg for my church's Easter celebrations for the toddlers and young children's event, where instead of pin the tail on the donkey, they did pin the chick on the egg.
With my faithful servants, Clare and Chelcee,  helping me paint my fabulous creation, we messed around more than we painted, scolding each other, when we smudged the colors. We had to mix all of the colors together to get the pastels we wanted, but we ran out of white. We then proceeded to point the finger at each other as to who's fault it was that there was no more white paint. Luckily, we got it done and it looked really festive.
And here's our finished creation! Beautiful isn't it? It's a real Monet, huh? All sarcasm aside, I do like the way it came out and how we were able to incorporate the cross on the egg, since this is a church event after all. I hope none of the little kids, who were going to pin the chick on the egg, noticed that the glitter paint we used started to bead, messing up the lettering at the top.
After I was done helping out my church, my parents took me to Felix Continental Cafe to get Steak au Poivre. Steak au Poivre is a Spanish dish consisting of bacon wrapped steak medallions with crushed peppercorns, green onions, brandy and cream sauce. I enjoyed the bacon wrapped steak, but the sauce tasted of nothing but pepper. Also, the saffron rice wasn't as fluffy as it normally is, but the creamy spinach (?) side dish was really amazing. The nice thing about getting dinner at Felix is that it comes with an order of soup and a small dessert, so I got mine with fish soup and a delicious helping of pineapple bread pudding.
Just before I got back in my car, I noticed the license plate of this car. How dreamy, right? It reminds me of, "It's nine in the afternoon, your eyes are the size of the moon." I love it, when people have cool license plates or bumper stickers. It just adds personality to their car.
 On the drive home, I took some light photos because I'm such a hipster. Jokes, of course. I just like putting my camera on long exposure to get these photos of light streaks. They almost always come out nicely for me and they're really nice to look at. I have no place to store all of my light photos, so I'll probably be storing them on my blog in the form of GIFs. Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!
What did you do for Easter?


  1. I see that you had a fun easter! ^^
    I had to study all weekend for the re-exam I just had D: so I didn't really have time to celebrate XD

  2. i lvoe the last photo :3 i need to play around with my camera exposure :p and thts really sweet the egg ^^

  3. looks like you had a great easter!!

  4. lookks like you had fun :-) and even if it didnt taste as good the pic of your food does look good!
    *needs a cam*

  5. Hi Audrey!! The Easter egg looks amazing, it almost looks yummy though! and what a fancy dish! <3 Unfortunately, my Easter wasn't as productive as yours D: lovely photos!!

  6. Looks fabulous!! Yummy food too :) Looks like you had a wonderful time :) xx

  7. Lovely photos!:) Thank you for stopping by!:) xoxo

  8. I see you are also a fan of The Killers - you have impecable taste in music lovely lol! Loved reading this and that steak dinner looks very appetizing!


  9. Your Easter egg looks totally cute, you all did a good job. As for my Easter, it was nothing special, just hanging out with my family and eating... a lot. By the way, I simply love how you quoted a song by Panic! at the Disco, I have been a fan for almost 5 years, do you like them as well? x

  10. Lol Monet or not, it's
    for a good cause c:
    I didn't spend much
    Easter, only that I've
    ate a bag of 500 gr
    of chocolate eggs...

    And again the food
    looks and sounds great
    as usual!


  11. pah, aww that egg is cute. :) I didn't do much for easter, just procrastinated on homework and watched Studio Ghibli movies. This post makes me wish I had decorated eggs or something more creative!

  12. Hey LOVE,

    thanks for stopping by.... LOVE your stylish and seems like you had a great easter weekend!!!

    Label me ADDICT

  13. /reply/ thank you for the compliment! i hope you're doing okay :)

  14. Drea ♪-Ooh, I hope your re-exam went well!

    Hello Naka-I would love to see your light photos, when you get your exposure ready. :)

    Pop Champagne-Mhmm! ^^

    kakuidori-Ooh, you certainly need a camera so that we can see more from you! :3

    Saving Capulet-Haha, the egg does look a bit like candy, huh? :D

    The Dainty Dolls House-Yup, truly a good time. c:

    Lilli-You're welcome! ^^

    sonia de macedo-You like the Killers too? Obviously someone has good taste in music! :D

    Dominika-Yes, I love their music and how theatrical they are with their music videos! Unfortunately, my favorite member, Ryan Ross, left. However, Panic! is still churning out stunning music! :3

    Ice Pandora-Well eating chocolate sounds like a great Easter to me! (:

    Maria-Which movies did you watch? (And I have to study too! D:)

    Label Me Addict-You're welcome and thanks a ton! :)

    V McCartney-You're most welcome! c:

  15. Great to have found you, you have a great blog. im now following. come check out my blog and hopefully you can return the follow. =).

  16. See Xiong.-Once I finish my homework, I'll check out your blog! ^^


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