Thursday, April 5, 2012

So You Wear Clothes?

Playing: A Dustland Fairytale-The Killers
Reading: The World At Her Feet by Jason Sheeler
I really don't like taking photos of myself, so I don't think I'm capable of doing the OOTD type of posts. Instead I have collected a few photos from the past seven months from when I was feeling narcissistic enough to take photos of my outfits. These aren't my best or my favorite, just the ones I've photographed. Also, please ignore my death glare that I noticed I have in a few of my photos.
Left: I wore a T by Alexander Wang jacket, a Rodarte for Target dress, and Merona tights to go to school plus Converse that aren't pictured..
Middle: I wore a Calvin Klein blazer, an Ann Taylor LOFT t-shirt, a Burberry scarf, a Burberry Prorsum purse, 7 for All Mankind jeans, and Madewell booties to do charity work for my church.
Right: I wore a Façonnable collared top, an Ann Taylor LOFT tank top, BDG jeans, a Ferragamo purse, and Versace shoes to go grocery shopping with my mum.
Left: I wore my favorite silence+noise blazer in the world with a vintage 1980's pin from my mum, a Burberry polo shirt, a Full Tilt bando, MANGO jeans, and kb socks to run around school plus the Madewell booties photographed up above.
Middle: I wore a San Diego Hat Company top hat, a Calvin Klein blazer, an Ann Taylor LOFT t-shirt, my favorite 7 for All Mankind shorts, a pocket watch necklace from New York, a Gucci messenger bag, and Exhilaration socks to go visit my old teachers and hang out with my friends. I received the best compliment from someone at school, who told me I looked "very European" that day. Also, a whole bunch of senior citizens told me they liked my hat, so I guess I can use the hat to keep senior citizens from yelling at me to turn down my music.
Right: To go shopping with my dad, I wore an L. Erickson headband, a BDG cardigan, an Ann Taylor LOFT tank top, BDG jeans, Sam Edelman oxfords, and a Burberry backpack.
Left: Just for some errands, I wore a San Diego Hat Company top hat, a Calvin Klein blazer, an Ann Taylor LOFT tank top, BDG jeans, a Burberry purse, and Juicy Couture heels.
Middle: To go see the school's production of Beauty and the Beast, I wore my favorite jacket from T by Alexander Wang, a Timo Weiland polo shirt, my dad's old belt, Citizens of Humanity jeans, a Burberry purse, and Alexander Wang flats.
Right: For a boring day at school, I wore an Ann Taylor LOFT sweater, a Barney's New York belt, Citizens of Humanity jeans, and Chloe heels. 

As you can probably tell, I shop a lot at Ann Taylor LOFT and I like to re-wear my favorite pieces way too often. Oh and the title is an inside joke. I was being prepped for a job interview by a friend and one of the questions asked was what do I like to do, so I said, "I like wearing clothes." And they responded, "So you wear clothes? How interesting." Oh my friends...Goodbye everyone!Thanks for reading/looking!


  1. aww i LOVEEE this!! you should do more OOTD postings :)! i especially adore the burberry outfit and those adorable madewell booties!!

  2. oh i like to wear clothes, too!

    also thinking you should do them more often :-) nice outfits!

  3. haha cute outfits! major props to you for rocking that top hat to school :)

  4. Such cute looks - have a great weekend!

  5. THE TOP HAT OH MY GOODNESS, I have one too but I'd be too self concious to wear it out but aww you look brilliant in all of these xxx

  6. You're so fashionable!
    I love the Rodarte for Target dress. The print is so pretty

  7. Girly, you are always
    posting hauls and shops
    you've visited - making
    us readers really
    curious about what you
    look like c:
    So: do more OOTD's <3

    Lol'd at the part of
    job interview :P
    I hope it went well!


  8. cute blog title :3 i hope your friends helped with your interview! and i love your top hat so much!

  9. Lisa-Haha thanks! Burberry is my favorite! ♥

    kakuidori-Thanks! Since you like wearing clothes and I like wearing clothes, let's wear clothes together! :D

    Mara-Je t'en prie. :)

    Izzy-Thank you! And I love my top hat tons! :3

    Sophie-Thanks! You too! c:

    bollykecks-You're vocab is so cute! Brilliant? How very British! (I love British people, so excuse me, if I'm coming off as odd.) You should wear whatever makes you happy! WE CAN WEAR OUT TOP HATS TOGETHER! 8D

    Chaitea-Thank you! Lace is one of my favorite "prints" I suppose. :)

    Ice Pandora-You're right! I do way too many hauls and shop visits! D: Thank you! I got the job thankfully!

    Hello Naka-Thanks! I ended up getting the job. :D


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