Monday, April 23, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

Playing: Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen
Reading: Fashion Box by Antonio Mancinelli
I say acquisitions instead of gets because it sounds fancier and acquisitions instead of buys because I didn't buy all of this. And above all else, I just like the way acquisitions sounds.
Over my brother's spring break, he and his roommates came to stay at my home. It just happened that two of his friends had gone on a Mexican cruise for a few of the days, so they left some Mexican snacks behind and forgot to bring them back to school. However, I must admit, I am enjoying the chance to try some foreign snacks and sweets.
I bought the Moulin Rouge DVD, since Netflix took it down for some reason even though they have all these weird movies. It always surprises me how Netflix won't have popular movies on instant play, but they'll have hundreds of  documentaries on WWII or the complete collection of Guns, Germs and Steel on instant play. Also, bought the new All American Rejects CD and The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. I also bought the 500 Days of Summer DVD, but I couldn't find it, when I was taking the photo. My friend, Tina, brought some sparkly pink nail polish to school for me, so the whole day I was afraid of the bottle shattering in my pencil case. Luckily it didn't, so I'll have to test it out for Tina!
I also went to Urban Outfitters, hoping to get a new blazer to replace the one I've outgrown, but I ended up leaving with a pair of shorts, earrings, and some bracelets with a watch. I need to rebuild my jewelry collection, since next year I won't have to worry about dressing out for PE. All my jewelry is from elementary school before I had to dress out and I stopped wearing jewelry as soon as I realized it took too much time. Therefore, all my jewelry is extremely outdated and I'm not going to lie, cheap looking.
I ran off to Mitsuwa recently to restock my candy supply in my backpack. Don't worry I only have one of these in my backpack at a time. When I was opening a pack in my Chemistry class, my teacher told me that we're not allowed to eat in class, so I asked, "Would you like one?" And he took one and ate it, but I still had to put mine away. Haha, he's one of my favorite teachers though and whenever I pull out of a bag of candy to get one piece for myself, I end up giving away at least eight pieces to all my friends around me. I also wanted to try the GreeNoodles because they're supposed to be healthy, but then I realized, it doesn't come with a flavor packet, so it was kind of bland and it didn't soak up the soup I made for it.
While I was looking round my house, I found some notepads that I had bought in Japan four years ago that have never been opened. And then my brother found some strawberry and lavender mints that he had bought for some girls two years ago, while we were in Venice, that he had forgotten to give. They're now mine, since he no longer keeps in touch with the two of them. There's no expiration date, so I hope they're still tasty. At least the containers they came in are lovely and are perfect for keeping treasures in. I love finding things from old trips that I had completely forgotten about. Ooh, talking about a foreign surprises! There's a new boy in my PE class from Tokyo. He was born in Los Angeles, but his family moved back to Japan, then to England, then to Germany, back to Japan, and now they're in my town! So his accent is fobbily accented British English! What a fabulous surprise!


  1. Oh! The same thing happens to me whenever I have candy in my purse. I end up giving out a lot of it to people too. XD Digging through stuff and finding old trinkets always feels good. Especially when they're not yours and they've been forgotten. :D Its like finding hidden treasure~

    The weaboo in me is really loving that sushi notepad!

  2. I love your food posts and this is all so cute, if you don't mind me asking- where do you live? xxxx

  3. i love trying new sweets :3 oh the notebooks like cute ^_^ wow the new boy has had a nice journey to where he is now :p

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  5. Treats! Haha I would be one of those people that you would have to give your candy to.

  6. P o o p e r-Haha, that's so true! They're exactly like treasure! And isn't it funny how people who don't even know you that well ask for candy too? :D

    bollykecks-I live in Southern California, USA. :)

    Hello Naka-He's lived in so many places and he has so many stories to share! :3

    Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska-Thank you so much for the follow! ^^

    prancing bee-And I'd give some to you. ♥

  7. ohh i love moulin rouge!! great little finds!
    xo TJ

  8. Myeah.. I like to share
    food with people c:

    Oh oh oh I didn't know
    you guys selling
    'Leone' candies! I like
    their packaging! ^^

    Enjoy watching your new
    dvds, Moulin Rouge is good!


  9. Sharing is caring! Those snack looks sooo good! :D


  10. His Little Lady-I know right! Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies! ^^

    Ice Pandora-Is Leone a popular brand? I bought them in Italy, but I've never seen them in the USA. :3

    Jackie-Of course, sharing is caring! That's why I share with my teachers too. .__.


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