Monday, September 24, 2012

Just One More Day

Playing: Only the Young-Brandon Flowers
Reading: Avantgarde Harajuku
For my last day in Berkeley, my parents helped my brother and his roommates set up his apartment, so I spent my time working on summer assignments for AP United States History, which was terribly boring. We went to a gourmet take out place offering French food called Gregoire for lunch. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Patty with Nueski's Bacon and Roasted Peach on Pantofolia, which was delicious except for the lettuce overload. One or two leaves would've been more than enough, but they just stuffed it with tons and tons of lettuce. This restaurant is located in a really cute area of town and all the food is very good, so I highly suggest this place.
To keep myself from dying from boredom, while reading my APUSH assignments, my brother took me around Berkeley, where we visited T-Shirt Orgy. T-Shirt Orgy claims to have the largest collection of
t-shirts in the world and all of their tops are organized by movies, music, etc. There are three levels, offering joke shirts, Cal basics, and other various things necessary for Berkeley students.. The collection is amazing and even if it isn't the largest one in the word, it's still impressive.
While walking around, I came across this message. I love how everyone in the bay area is pretty hippie-ish and environmentally aware, not to mention pretty quirky. Where I live, everything is so clean cut that they'd probably cover this up with a new layer of cement. I guess that's also the reason why everyone wants to move into my town...
One of the laundromats there had a free book pile, so I picked up the three most random books I could find on the Mickey Mouse Club, the year 1873, and  a collection of satirical pieces on Japan. I haven't gotten the chance to read them yet, but if they're good, I'll let you know. My brother's roommate, Joon, is done with his mythology course, so I took his textbook, figuring I enjoy mythology anyways.
For my last dinner in Berkeley, my brother took my parents and me to down town Berkeley to Nanayiro, where I ordered the Nabe Beef Udon. The mushrooms weren't  cooked in anyway, so it had a very earthy taste to it, but I really enjoyed having  the raw egg, so that I could stir it into the soup. Overall, it was good, but wasn't one of the best places I ate at, while up in Berkeley. The service was friendly and the menu had a roll called the Sexy Roll, so who knows. Go try it and let me know.


  1. noms your lunch looks delish!! i loveee those lorena sparkly bubbly drinks.. i use to get them from trader joe's all the time! Oh how i miss trader joe's!! i've actually been to that t-shirt shop hehe :)

  2. The Nabe Beef Udon looks delicious!!! Mmmm.... I love udon. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Hope you stop by more often or maybe follow?

    xo - Sheila

  3. youre a berkeley student ? awesomee !

    check out my new post :

  4. Yay I heard the video about Anna + H&M, I agree it's sooo funny :D :D

  5. Aaaaaah Nanette Lepore seriously?? How is it like??

  6. everything looks delish, so jealous! thanks for the tip, I think you're right if i had some kind of color pop that'd bring the outfit together! good luck on your US history, definitely been there done that. i was never very good with history, which is probably why i'm in pharmacy and not the latter. good luck!

  7. Lisa-I always grab them whenever I see them. Which one is your favorite? (:

    Sheila-Udon is my favorite noodle, so obviously I love it too! ^^

    Florence-Actually, I'm not. My brother is. :D

    Francois-I loce how bold Anna is! And it's a holey knitted black sweater with a bow detail. I'll be posting photos of it on my fashion blog. (Or this blog. Still debating.)

    Stephanie-Haha, you had to take APUSH too? Was it awful? (And the pharmaceutical area is a good one to work in!)

  8. WOO APUSH! heh heh. thank goodness for no history ap's.

    YOUR FOOD ALWAYS LOOKS SO DELICIOUS. so jealous :( :( :(

  9. Sarah S.-I'm planning on using the book you gave me a lot. LET'S GO EAT TOGETHER. ♥

  10. You always seems to go to
    nice food places!
    Ah! I would love to read
    the Mickey Mouse Club!
    And bummer to hear about
    the raw mushroom and if I
    have the chance, I would
    try out the Sexy Roll
    for you!


  11. Ice Pandora-Haha, the Sexy Roll sounds quite interesting huh? Also, I'll let you know how the Mickey Mouse Club book is!


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