Monday, September 10, 2012

"We're Going Up-Up-Up"

Playing: Good Old Days-Matt Maltese (Have had this on repeat for days!)
Reading: Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear: Alexander Wang by Nicole Phelps
I started the new school year and my General Physics class is a complete joke so far. I wish there was another science class I could switch into. The AP science courses are too difficult, but the college prep classes are way too easy and what I really need is an Honors Physics class right now. The discrepancy between the two levels is too large and there's nothing for people like me, who are in between. Plus, science is my worst subject. End rant. Enjoy the photos.
Before I had to go back to school, my family and I had to drop my brother off at college, which involved our annual six to eight hour (depending on traffic) drive up to Berkeley. Although the scenery is pretty to look at, it stays constant throughout most of the ride, so eventually you start to get this feeling that you've seen this all before. On the bright side, it gave me six to eight hours to listen to my new Killers CDs and some other CDs I had in the car.
We finally got to our hotel, the Claremont Resort and Spa, some time in the afternoon, where we unloaded all our stuff. The Claremont Resort and Spa is a pretty hotel and very nice, but I find the service to be either great or really awful depending on who I ask for help. This time there weren't any problems with the service, but the last two times, I had to deal with sassy workers and not sassy in a fun way.
While walking around Berkeley, there was this cool apartment complex that had all these plants dripping down like a waterfall. It was absolutely gorgeous and was a interesting contrast to the clean lines of the building. Also, imagine hanging out with friends on the patio up above.
For dinner, my brother suggested Noodle Theory, which always has a long line. We waited for thirty-five minutes in the cold outside just to get a table. The things my family will do for food. It was completely worth it though because I thought this was one of the best places we ate at. The Mr. Q Cumber Cucumber Soda was refreshing and a nice way to cool off your mouth after all the spicy foods. For our appetizer, we ordered the Chinese Five Spice Sweet Potato Fries with a Thai Green Curry Aioli. The aioli didn't really taste like curry to me, more like a cinnamon dip, but nonetheless, it was very tasty and the sweet potato fries were crispy and hot.
The Grilled Niman Ranch Beef with Udon in a Coconut Lime Curry Broth was so amazing. The broth was flavorful and the beef was tender, while the udon did soak up some of the flavor. Out of all the dishes my family ordered, I thought this one was the best, even though everything else was super delicious too. Despite the long wait, I highly recommend eating here at least once. I will be uploading more photos from my trip soon, so please look forward for those. 

Post Title from Loreen's "Euphoria"


  1. Looks like a really nice trip

    Check my new post

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the noodle soup in the last picture looks AMAZING! omgosh have not had asian noodle dish that looked that good in forever.. i'm practically drooling on my laptop right now!

  3. yum! the sweet potato fries look great! thanks for stopping by my blog.. now following along with you :)

  4. Yum, those fries look delicious! And it's true, my family will wait forever for good food. So funny!
    And I love those dripping plants on the building. How gorgeous!
    xo TJ

  5. ohh the food looks delicious!! I am always a fan of curry :D

  6. ohhh the noodles look so yummy!!! The Claremont is very pretty indeed. I've only been for some drinks hahaha

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  8. omg..i know how you feel about physics. my class is exactly the same, (i should have just taken ap damnit) we're still on the first unit and the ap class is already on their 5th ARUGHGHH

  9. Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska-Yup! ^^

    Lisa-If you ever go visit San Francisco to see all your old friends, maybe you can take a trip to try this place? :D

    ashley nicole catherine-Thank you so much!

    his little lady-It's funny how humans can be so lazy, but when it comes to good food, we'll do a lot for it! XD

    Pop champagne-curry is so delicious, right?

    ShinyPrettyThings-How are the drinks? I've only tried breakfast there and the Lemon Chiffon Pancakes are so good! ^^

    Lucia-Thank you!

    riysse-It just stinks to go from Honors to regular just because they no longer offer Honors courses.


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