Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Playing: Daylight-Matt and Kim
Reading: The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien
Photo Creds: Jane Aldridge, Girl on the Beach, Patrick Wolf, Nicole Kidman as Satine, Rita Hayworth, Gerard Way, Karen Elson
One of my dreams or goals is to dye my hair every single one of the major hair colors before I enter corporate America or whatever industry I go into. (If I work in the fashion industry like I'm hoping, they won't mind all my different hair colors hopefully.) I've done brown and I was born with black, so red was the obvious next choice. Redheads have been getting a lot of crap over being soulless day walkers lately thanks to South Park, which I admittedly find very funny even if it is crude. Everyone from models to bloggers to singers and actresses have been dying their hair red or reddish orange, so I compiled a collage of some of my favorites...
...and then I went for it right before the new school year started. I was originally aiming for a Patrick Wolf/Jane Aldridge red because they just have the most perfect auburn color, but I left with more of a Rita Hayworth/Satine reddish, orange tinted brown. So far, I'm not really liking it that much and I find the work that goes into it isn't worth it. It took my hair stylist three and a half hours to get my hair to this color and three rounds of dye, which all felt like they were burning my scalp. I'm really not liking how whenever I wash my hair, the water comes out orange, even though I'm using cold water like a good kid. I think it makes my skin color look too pink, but I've been getting a lot more compliments from guys that I don't even know ever since I dyed my hair, so maybe it's not that bad. What do you think? So far brown is my favorite.

PS I'm going back to school tomorrow and I'm horrified by the prospect of it all. At least Fashion's Night Out is only two days away, but why did it have to be on the same day as the VMAs? I really want to watch One Direction and Green Day perform, but there's no way I'm going to miss FNO!


  1. Aaaw, mercii :D You live in California right? I guess Fame is available everywhere there ;)

  2. I love the red hair, looks amazing! Try it

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  3. I love red hair! It is so pretty! : D

  4. I've had my hair reddish and also brown and like brown more too.

  5. I've had my hair colored so many times before that it just became kinda crazy. I personally really loved my blonde hair!

  6. I did the same thing (try all the main hair natural hair colours) when I was younger, too, and definitely (at the time at least) loved red the most, which is why, by and large, I've stuck with it ever since.

    That runoff dye you see in the shower is normal, I always have it for at least a couple of weeks after I colour my hair (which I usually do myself at home).

    I think it looks really charming on you. One thing you may want to try is to use a similarly hued brown pencil or powder on your eyebrows. I do this (my natural brows are very sparse and pale - so pale that if I don't have some kind of makeup on them, it almost looks like I don't have eyebrows), and have recommended it to other first time red hair dyers who were on the fence about their decision. Often seeing your brows in the same colour as your hair helps it look way more natural and thus makes it easier for you to fall in love with it.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love your hair :) it's pretty xo

  8. i loooove red hair, i've had it over a year and i think it's so different and fun. but it really does take a lot of upkeep. honestly, my advice to you is to just box dye it. red is really strong so it'll turn out fine- and with dark brown colors (which is what i have) it usually turns auburn rather than a strong red. i know when i got it salon dyed it was kind of your color too, and i wasn't too happy either- i wanted it super vibrant! but i think yours turned out cute, and i dont think you should give up :)

  9. That is so brave of you, and what a great goal! I've only ever dyed my hair once, and that was just a lock of it for Ultimate. I did recently lighten my hair though, and I kind of love it.

    ♥ x i x i a | thisisxixia.com

  10. Trry it girl!

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  11. hahahaha so nice what you said about my eyes!
    Wanna follow each other??


  12. It's nice but I'd try a stronger dye because you already had quite dark hair, what am I talking about- I don't have a clue, I've always had the same hair colour. I love that you tried it anyway!

  13. Francois-Je t'en prie. Yes, I live in California, but I have yet to see Fame. I think it's because I've stopped hunting for a perfume ever since I bought some. D:

    PS Your blog is gorgeous!

    Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska-Thank you!

    Nana-I think red and brown are the loveliest hair colors, so it's a shame the red doesn't suit me. D:

    Shop N'Chomp-Ooh, which color suited you the best? :3

    Denysia-I wonder if life really is more fun as a blonde. :D

    Jessica Cangiano-Thank you so much! I should try that and I'm just surprised by how much dye has gone down the drain compared to my last dye jobs.

    Jaz xo-Thank you!

    Marlen-I definitely think I'll try box dye next, since my hair stylist hasn't been all that great at dying my hair. D:

    Xixia-Lightening hair often makes people look younger and more energetic, so it makes sense for you to enjoy your lightened hair. ^^

    Florence-Yup, just blonde left!

    Carlota P-your eyes are lovely! (:

    Caitlin-Even though I've dyed my hair many times, I still have no clue! XD


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