Thursday, September 27, 2012

One of the Best

Playing: Wrecking Ball Heart-Jack's Mannequin
Reading: Milan's Standout Models by Brittany Adams
September 18th was a good day, a very good day. Even though I had to go to school, I sent my mum on a mission to go to Target to get the new Killers CD, Battleborn. She got to Target before Target even opened and the sales people hadn't even put it out on the shelves yet, when she got there. That way, when I got home, I had an amazing time doing my pre-calc homework. Why? Because I love pre-calc. Just kidding. Because I had the new CD to listen to and look at. It's amazing and I love the Killers, so it was a win/win for me. With the new Green Day CD quartet coming out and the new Yellowcard CD, this season is going to be a great one for rock.
In order to attend the Runway to Reality show on the same day at the Burberry store at South Coast Plaza, my mum told me I had to get all my homework done first, so I skipped lunch at school to work on my homework. It was worth it! Only 40 people were at the show and only 30 stores world wide were hosting a Runway to Reality showing. I went with my friend, Jessy, so the two of us were the youngest there, while the most famous people there were the housewives from the Real Housewives of Orange County.
At the showing, they had tons of British appetizers to snack on before the show. The show consisted of the actual runway show, a little interview with Christopher Bailey, and a look into how the clothes are made. After the show, you could order pieces from the show and get them delivered to your home eight weeks before any of the stores got the clothing. Plus, some of the pieces won't even go into production, so you could order those too, custom fitted to your measurements!
Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show. I loved the diversity of the fabrics chosen from metallic silk to lace to leather! It surprised me to see corsets and bathing suits go down the runway, since Burberry usually doesn't showcase those pieces during their runway shows, but I was pleased to see corsets done in a classy way. My favorite piece from the whole show has to be the perfect green, lace trench coat. No way could I justify splurging on that since it barely rains where I live and I already have three Burberry rain coats (two trenches and one coat). You already heard me rave about the Menswear Spring/Summer 2013 show, so I'll save you the time by saying this, I LOVED how wonderfully this show complemented the menswear show, but still didn't feel like I was just seeing a repeat of the menswear show. If you want to see more of my time with Jessy, click here.
What do you think of corsets for wear outside of the promiscuous realm?

PS I'm catching up on the English drama, Leaving, since it stars one of my favorite models, Callum Turner! I thought he was handsome as soon as I saw him in the Burberry ads and all my friends disagreed.


  1. Cool post! Love the photos from the catwalk

    Check my new post

  2. aww fun!!! i love in-store parties hehe.. i love that you accented w/ a burberry scarf and purse you look so pretty smiling :) we need to see an OOTD!

  3. I love the Killers!
    And I think corsets can be very chic and classy. I have two and I love wearing them. But I guess it depends on the piece and how you wear. I think they're such a gorgeous feminine item :)

  4. Lovely blog.

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    great blog
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  6. That sounds like such an exciting day! I love how they offered people the chance to order the clothes and get them earlier then the stores would! How fun!

  7. Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska-Thank you!

    Lisa-Thank you! I'm hoping to photograph my outfits soon, but I've been feeling lazy since I got sick again. D:

    Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia-Ooh lucky! I think corsets look great on people and as long as you wear it with more conservative pieces, it can be really chic. (:

    Anita-Thanks! ^^

    Brooklyn Grace-Thank you for much!

    Tasha-I think it's a great way to sell the clothing because as soon as they mentioned, you could order clothing that wouldn't go into production, I immediately tried figuring out if I could buy one. XD

  8. Eeik love the green trench! I need me some burberry (in my dreams haha). I think corsets only really work as part of a dress or underneath clothing, I'm too conservative :P

  9. damn im jealous i want battleborn augh

  10. aww thank you so much for your comment :) lovely blog!! <3 x

  11. lovely collection! thanks for your comment on my blog <3


  12. Cindy-I think a corset would look great with a blazer. The contrast between the feminine corset and menswear would be interesting. :)

    riysse-Have you listened to it yet? You should also check out Green Day's Uno! It's pretty great. (:


    mochaccinoland-No problem!

  13. Love corsets as customes... hmmm halloween's nearly here

    my dog's a sheltie! sheepdog! (enter my giveaway too!! )

  14. British snacks!!
    The runway event looks
    nice c; And wow your hair!
    Very nice gold/beige
    color c: You look so cute!

  15. Your life always seems so exciting!

  16. Florence-I noticed! It's so cute! Boy or girl? :3

    Ice Pandora-Thank you so much! ^^

    Caitlin-Your life seems so interesting to me! We should hang out with each other one day to get a chance to see what our lives are like. :D

  17. I've been listening to older Killlers that I quite like, but maybe I should try that new album too! And what you chose your favourites are amazing.


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