Friday, September 7, 2012


Playing: Konstantine-Something Corporate
Reading: wild wild west photo diary by Rumi Neely (Just enjoy all the beauty!)
Been living life in a haze for the past few days. Not really able to focus on anything really, so I've spent my time taking photos, reading, practicing walking in heels for school, dancing, acting like I'm Patrick Wolf, etc. Instead of my "Seven Days of Lonely," I think this is my Eleven Days of Sickness. Oh, and you should really watch this mariachi band serenade a beluga whale. Thank you Tosh.O for always showing the most random stuff.

PS I'm back in school. All my teachers seem chill and my history teacher loves Stephen Colbert almost as much as I do. And my French teacher is an ex-model.


  1. i hope you're feeling better. sometimes getting back into school after a hiatus has me feeling like i'm in a haze too.. although i'm sure the hottie french teacher helps a bit :p

  2. get well soon :DDDD
    sick is suck, I know how that feel XDD


  3. Aww these are really cute photos- get well soon! <3

  4. Get well soon!♥

    Really cool photos! I really like them.:3

  5. Love, love, lovvvve these types of pictures. *__*
    Is that you on top of your bed? Looking stylish and awesome.

    One day, you have to sneak a photo of your french teacher ... I'm so curious now.

  6. thanks for your comment
    I have followed your lovely blog

  7. Lisa-Haha, I probably should've mentioned my French teacher is a girl, not a hot man. XD

    Chelle Handojo-Thank you so much! ^^

    Caitlin-Thanks! (:

    Kristen Rafaelle-Thank you!

    P o o p e r-That's me on top of the guess bed at home. I'll send you a photo of her modeling! (:

    Katie Marie Clarke-Thank you so much!

  8. Ah I LOVE Konstantine!
    I've been sick recently too, hope you feel better soon xo

  9. I hope you feel
    well soon dear c:

    The pictures are
    very nice to
    watch! And nice
    to hear about
    your teacher,
    that French
    teacher must be
    a hotty :P


  10. Jaz xo-ARE YOU A SOMETHING CORPORATE FAN? I'm a huge fan of theirs and major props to you, if you are too!

    Ice Pandora-Thank you! Haha, your photos are still prettier and she is quite attractive. ^^


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