Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Picking is an Adventure to Me

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It's around 88 degrees today. Dr. J left Jack's Mannequin to join the band, Kid is Qual. Just thought I'd throw that out to you because Jack's Mannequin is important to me. I go apple picking once a year and this is the first time I brought friends. I went on Sunday with Tiffany and Sophie. I invited some other people, but they couldn't go...When we went, it was around 96 degrees, I believe. Anyways, here's some photos from the trip. I'll probably make this two posts.
Up there, they had a cheese/candy shop, which sold homemade hard candies and taffy. I want to try the watermelon hard candies and taffy. They had homemade fudge up there! When I was small, I would always beg my parents to get me some, but then we settled on a new Hello Kitty...I'm pretty sure the fudge would've been cheaper.
These are flavored honey sticks! When I was little, I would buy them in so many flavors! This time, I got watermelon, sour apple, and sour cherry. Sophie got sour cherry and Tiffany got watermelon, mango, and orange. Here's all of our honey sticks lined up from darkest to lightest. It would be cool to have a huge lamp light them up, kind of like a glow stick. Sophie and I tried eating ours right away, so we chewed at the top to open them up. When I was little, I remember tearing off the tops easily with my teeth, not chewing for 5 minutes to get one minute of flavored honey...
We ate at Apple Annie's, which was right next to the cheese/candy store. Sophie, Tiffany, and I all got Snow Line apple cider, which is the best apple cider ever! We all drank it too fast, though.
The three of us all got the plate of fried chicken. It was extremely filling because it was half a chicken. I felt sick after eating all of it...
Then the waitress misheard my mum, when my mum asked for water and brought us pie instead. Sophie, Tiffany, and I all agreed that we couldn't waist food, so we ate this too. By the end of it all, we all felt so sick.Tiffany made a mess of the leftovers on the plate, by adding salt, pepper, hot sauce, and jelly. No one wanted anymore afterwards.
Here's a picture of the apple orchards. Just rows and rows of short, scraggly trees. It's nothing like how I used to draw apple trees. It was so hot that day and I think you can tell from this photo...
Sophie and I are fighting for an apple. Tiffany is the smart one and goes for a different apple. I'm in dark blue, Tiffany is in a sea green with the backpack, and Sophie is the scandalous one showing her shoulders. Do you notice anything about my hair? I dyed the tips of my hair brown! It's not as noticeable, as I hoped...
This photo is a photo of Tiffany and Sophie walking around carrying the apples. I didn't have to carry the heavy bags because I'm a ninja. I hope this made you want to visit California. If not, I'll try to convince you some more in my next apple picking post!


  1. R E B E C C A-Yucaipa, which is also called Oak Glen sometimes...

  2. *high fives you on your Burberry steal* :D

    Oh what a fun day you had! I don't think I've gone apple picking before. Just cherries. Gotta love that Cali sun!

  3. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
    I love those hard candies ...but I don't like taffy that much cos of the sticky caramel xD !!! <3

    FLAVOURED HONEY STICKS LOOK SO INTERESTING! I really want to try some now :P

  4. I didn't have to carry the heavy bags because I'm a ninja.

    Hahaha! Oh apple picking looks like a lot of fun and peaceful ... I just imagine everyone talking while picking down apples and such. :'3 I would love to visit California, I've always had but just because I'm assuming there's a lot of stores that I might like there. xDD (Like baby the stars shine bright in san fran, and probably other more awesome stores)

    The honey sticks and fudge ... ;-;
    I want to try honey sticks just cause they sound and look good!

  5. Shop N'Chomp-I wanna go cherry picking! That sounds like fun! >.<

    Sakura-They do! I should've bought some! *w*

    Melody-I only like taffy in small doses, otherwise I have to spend hours brushing my teeth! XD

    P o o p e r-There's a BTSSB store? Oh my goodness, I know what I'm gonna do when I visit San Fran! ^-^ Thanks so much for telling me!

  6. "Sophie doing something odd behind the bathroom window."
    no comment

  7. The Sopher Gopher-What were you doing? I still don't know...


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