Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Santa Monica

Mood: Pathetic
Playing: All Again For You-We the Kings
High school is making me feel really cruddy. I'm not sure why I even go back. I'm waking up a lot earlier than I did before and the teachers make me feel so stupid. When you ask questions, they reply with, "It's on my course syllabus. Go check." When they ask questions and I give the wrong answers, they say, "You're not thinking on a high enough level for an honors student." Lacrosse is killing me. We ran for an hour, doing laps, sprinting, and catching lines. By the end of practice, my head hurt and I felt lightheaded. My friend, Sasha, said she felt like she was going to puke. I hope she doesn't mind that I put that information on my blog. On the bright side, my brother came home for Labor Day weekend, so my family took a road trip to Santa Monica Pier! I haven't been there for years and years! The first thing we did? WE ATE OF COURSE! We found this British Pub place and ate there because I love Britain and British people...I got a Steak and Ale Pie and it tasted pretty good, but it was super filling!
We headed down to the pier and guess who I saw there? I saw Domos! Tons and tons of Domos! I wanted to try and play for win, but it was super expensive! My brother and I were going to try and win one, but all the people playing in this round were little kids. It would look really bad, if we went and beat them! I thought Domo was just an Asian thing, but I guess not?
Here's a picture of Santa Monica pier. Isn't it so pretty and fun with all the colors? I saw a few sea lions there and of course, there were tons of fishermen! All the fish they were catching were itty bitty fish!
I went to a place called Angelato Cafe, which sells gelato and some food. They had so many flavors of gelato! I decided not to get my favorite flavors, which I can get much closer to home. My friend, Maggie, was going through my camera and found these pictures of gelato. She was all like, "THIS LOOKS SO TASTY!" She loves desserts, as much as I do! I thought it was kind of lame that they only allowed 3 samples per customer, but I understand why they do that. Otherwise, people would take a sample of every flavor! There were at least 4 more gelato pictures to be taken!
I got Custard and Cherries with Vanilla and Blackcurrant! The Vanilla and Blackcurrant flavor was much better. I had a hard time choosing only two flavors, so I got something that sounded tasty and hard to find. Blackcurrant things aren't that common, where I live, and I love blackcurrant things like Chew-Its! I was under the impression that I was sharing this with my family, but none of them wanted any, so it was way too much! Well, that's it for now! I still need to do my gifts post! So much to do and so much homework stopping me from doing it.

By the way Rebecca's letter cheered me up today. I love getting snail mail.


  1. heck yeah man im in your labels again
    i hope you feel better in lacrosse D:

  2. my college makes me feel dumb too XD i love the ice cream shots :3 and D: mass army of hovering domo kuns! XD

  3. Thanks for your comment : D

    Wow, all those Domos! I also thought it was Asian, but I first saw it on Cartoon Network so I guess the interest in it has grown?

    Oooh, the gelato looks so tasty! What, why can't you take pictures? Maybe they thought you were a spy for their competitors : D

    I can never imagine custard and panna cotta as flavours and only seen blackcurrant as juice D: They sound so strangely tempting to try.

  4. R E B E C C A-We need to go on an adventure, so I can get you in the tags more! Thanks, I'm gonna try to stick with lacrosse. It'll keep me skinny enough to get into the ultra skinny jeans.

    Naka-I love the gelato and Domos too! I hope both of us feel better at our schools!

    Tina-Domo was on Cartoon Network? For real? I wanna watch! Was the show good? Haha..Your gelato comment made me laugh! hmmm....Double 007:GELATO SPY!

  5. Wow, syllabuses for high school? It sure has changed since I've been there. I don't remember getting syllabuses at all in high school x;! Sorry that your teachers are so mean though ;T

    The British food sounds yummy! I've never had British food before D:~ & you're so lucky that you live near a pier. The one that I live close to is REALLY sucky ):

  6. Mai-The one I live by is really small and all it has are fishermen! Hahaha...I had to drive for a very long time to get to Santa Monica! I want a British pub closer to my house! Thanks for all your concern!

    R E B E C C A-LET'S GO! I heard we don't even need to use a plane to get there!

  7. last week our class held a similar talk on this subject and you point out something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

    - Laura

  8. Laura-What was the subject? Santa Monica, Domos, or how cruddy high school makes you feel? XD
    I'm very curious now!


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