Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apple Picking is Still an Adventure to Me~

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I've got 60 followers now! I haven't had as much time to blog during the school year or to take as many photos, so my rate of reader increase has slowed down, but I'm still do glad that I'm attracting new people! This is part two to my apple picking adventures with my friends, Sophie and Tiffany.
Here's another picture of an apple orchard that we weren't allowed in! Look how blue the sky is. Tiffany and I were sitting on a wooden crate, just looking around. I thought it was pretty, so I took a picture.
Here's Sophie cleaning an itsy bitsy teeny weeny apple. My dad thought that if she found another apple like it, she could make earrings!
We were in the car and this reminded me of The Lord of the Rings for some reason. GET OFF THE ROAD! Please put up with my geeky references.
We went to Snow Line, which has the best apple cider and mini fresh donuts. Here's the machine they use to make them.
This is a photo of the town area. They have tons of handmade things there! Tiffany bought this cute rabbit fabric bowl from a vendor and the lady got the cute bunny printed fabric from Japan.
Here are all the apples we got! It was super heavy, but once we divided it by three, it wasn't that much! The small ones are still so cute to me for some reason! We had to toss three apple because they all had holes (From worms most likely) or a huge scratch. Only 3 out of around 100 apples! Pretty good huh? Came out to 30 a person and we tossed three and gave some to friends. Most of my apples are going to be baked. What should I blog about now? I'm running out of stuff. Maybe I'll just do picture posts!
Have you ever gone apple picking? Or picked your own produce? Did you enjoy it?


  1. awww cute post ^_^

    i dont like apples :P

    but its looking really cute XD

  2. I love apples, these look soooooo cuteeee!^^ Like a cute snack xD
    Your blog is everything cute, I loved it!

  3. i havent been apple picking but it does look like fun i wanna try it! ^^ and i meant the drawings themselves are 4 years old so I dreqw them when I was 12 maybe XD

  4. I love apples too! I haven't been apple picking. Sounds fun! XD

  5. I have not but i think apple and strawberry picking would be fun. i love strawberries and to be surrounded by a field is heaven. oh my haha. thanks for giving me idea for what to do this summer ;)

  6. The small apples look so adorable! Ohh maybe you should blog next about your baked foods that are going to involve the apples. :D I'm curious to know what you might make. ^^

  7. looks so nice *___* a couple summers ago i went strawberry picking, and i absolutely loved it! too bad that i haven't been able to go after that, but i'm determined to go next year again ♥

  8. Those mini apples look so cool! :0 Did you try tasting them?

    I've never gone apple picking on a proper farm before but I do have an apple tree in my backyard. It produces lots of SOUR apples. T-T

    But anyway, awesome adventure and nice post, Audrey. :]

  9. ♥ Chocolate lover ♥-I don't like apple either, but when you pick them yourself, it tastes extra good!

    chiihime-Thank you so much! ^-^

    Naka-Oh that makes more sense!!! >w<

    Ribka-Thank you! I'll check it out soon, pinky promise! :)

    Tam-I want to join you for strawberry picking! That sounds like fun! ^-^

    P o o p e r-Maybe I should! I better slow down on the apple eating!

    insertcake-Take me with you! I wanna try that one day!!:3

    Vu-Thank you! That's pretty cool that you have an apple tree! In my year, we have a peach tree and some herbs...I gave the mini apples to Tiffany and Sophie! ^-^


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