Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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I don't really have anything to blog about at the moment because I haven't finished uploading and editing photos. I'm so lazy sometimes...I will get to it soon, I hope. I'm blogging right now because I know school is going to get busy and I won't have time to blog later on. I'm hoping that if I blog a lot now, you will forgive me for my lack of posts in the future. I'm really scared that I will have tons and tons of homework because I constantly hear about it from all the people older than me. I really want/need to make the lacrosse team. I want to make the lacrosse team because I have never done a team sport, or a sport, before in my life and it looks like tons of fun! I also need to make the team because I was walking around with a lacrosse stick for two days and tons of guys, who never really notice me, are all like, "Whoa! You play lacrosse? That's really cool!" That's such a lame reason, I know, but the real reason is, if I don't make the team, it will be beyond embarrassing for me...I hate being embarrassed and feeling stupid because I love the feeling of being on top of the world. I'm going to upload some photos I've been meaning to show you.
I took my frog, Mr. Pung from my trip to China, to Rodeo Drive with me on the day I performed for History Day. We ate at this expensive place, but the shrimp was so good! Imagine me taking Mr. Pung into high end stores like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, etc. No one allowed me to take pictures of him in the stores. It kind of pissed me off because they say it's for "copyright issues," but it always feel like a "I DON'T LIKE THE LOOKS OF YOU" to me. I don't know, maybe it's just me!
I was playing around with my old American Girl doll clothing and I was dressing up Megumi in the clothing. The clothing is too long on Megumi and too tight around her chubby waist! This was the only dress that looked good on her. It makes her look so tall, doesn't it? She's wearing a dress from the Felicity/Elizabeth collection, which is ending soon. American Girl always gets rid of my favorite ones. They got rid of Samantha, who I thought had the most amazing dresses. These American Girl dolls from long ago have the most amazing clothing and I envy them...
This is a picture from summer time, when I went to this random Asian place. I got my favorite drink from them, Honeydew Milk. I want some so bad right now...I should go get some soon! I usually don't like honeydews...Are there any food you usually don't like, but you love it one way?


  1. I love your Megumi-related posts, they're so cute ♥

    Good luck with homework, and especially the lacrosse team! Your reasoning isn't lame at all c:

  2. uhh...the frog is so super cute^^
    Honestly, I don't like the people in high end stores...I always have the feeling that they're just nice to you when you got a black American Express or something like that-.-

    Loving your blog...I'm a new follower^.^


  3. I think it's perfectly normal, no one likes to be embarassed and everyone loves the feeling of being on top of the world. PLUS, if you get attention from cute boys, it's a bonus, right?

    Good luck on making it to the team! You can do it!!

  4. Vivi-Thank you so much! I hope I make the team! :3

    BlackEyedDog-Thank you for the follow! People in high end stores are really snooty. I feel like telling them that they're just an employee, nothing special. .__.

    Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー-Thank you! I really, really want to make the team! X)

  5. Megumi looks sooo cute in that dress. >///< it really does look good on her. I get scared of walking into a high end fashion store. I want to go in and browse, but the ones near me don't have a lot of people browsing the stores. I don't want the employees to stare at me, expecting me to buy something. o.o;

    Good luck with making it on the team! ^_^

  6. P o o p e r-Thank you! When you go in, just act like you own the world! :) Megumi says thank you too!

  7. *the girl who screeched a lot*September 17, 2010 at 4:18 PM

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  8. *the girl who screeched a lot*-Who is this? More importantly how do you know what school I'm going to? Tryouts aren't held until December.

  9. oh the honey drew milk looks amazingly yummy :3

  10. Naka-It's so tasty, but right now I want to try the Mango Milk! >.<


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