Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gifts From Friends (Is This Considered a Haul?)

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Lately, I have been listening to a lot more Andrew McMahon music to prepare myself for my speech! That means I'm listening to strictly Andrew music and nothing else! Anyways, over summer my friends visited all these different countries and they all brought me back cool stuff. This summer I didn't go anywhere, which is weird, because my family goes to a foreign country every year. This summer we couldn't though because of visiting family, lacrosse camp, and my brother leaving for college with Rip Rip. I just wanted to show you all the cool stuff my friends gave ma and I was wondering, is this considered a haul? Hauls are usually things you bought yourself, but these were gifts. Comment on this post on whether or not you think this is a haul, please!
Rebecca brought back things I've been wanting for a long time from her trip to Taiwan! She always knows what I like, it seems. I love Hi-Chew and she brought me back five flavors I've never seen before! She got the Pudding one for me because my nickname is Pudding or Pudding Head. I was actually planning on calling my blog Pudding Head, but then I realized the people at school would tease me for it. Rebecca also brought back a name stamp for me with Hello Kitty on it because I love Hello Kitty(No surprise, hkittygirl!) I've been looking for some bows to replace the Hot Topic ones I bought, so I was so happy when Rebecca brought back these ones! It'll help put some color into my wardrobe! I also love how she brought back a button for me. I love buttons, but I can't leave them on my backpack because they either fall off or get stolen.
Tina brought back this cute hair thing I've been wanting for awhile. She told me they were only $1 in Japan, while in the USA, they cost $8 and they're not even half as fluffy...She also got me a cute flan cell phone charm with a Korilakkuma on it. I've been wanting a flan plushie for so long, so I'm so glad she brought this back for me from Japan.
Clare knows how I love candy, especially foreign candy. I have a bad sweet tooth, which I either got from Madeline or my dad...It's really tasty! It has like a nutty honey middle and a fluffy outside. The inside is so chewy and I really like it. She got it while visiting family in the Philippines.
Marika went on a trip to Japan too and she meant to get me stickers, but she forgot. She felt bad, so she got me stickers from a local San-X store. I told her not to worry, but she still got them for me! I love how the Japanese in general are always so helpful, sweet, and so polite! Unlike, other people...
Tiffany got me so much cute stuff! She got me three pens, two hair things, and a super pretty cell phone charm. I can't tell whether the stuff is from China or Taiwan. She didn't tell me. So far, I'm guessing she got it for me at the Night Market in Taiwan, which I really want to go to! I can't get myself to bring the pens to school because I'm afraid it might get stolen and I can't replace them. I find it absolutely horrid that I can't feel comfortable bringing things to school out of fear of getting it stolen. Oh yeah, Tina, Tiffany, and Rebecca all brought me cell phone charms back, but I didn't picture them here because you can see them at our Cell Phone Charm Exchange.

Edit-THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME REACH 50 FOLLOWERS! That's beyond cool and amazing! I just want to thank you for everything! 


  1. that's so sweet of your friends! the mamegoma sticker and korilakkuma phone strap especially just melt your heart ;~; ♥

  2. insertcake-You love San-X things don't you? :3

  3. cute gifts!
    You're friends are sweet :3

  4. i fancy those marika stickers.

  5. jenna-Hmm? I don't quite understand...

    Silkybow-Thank you! My friends are pretty nice! ")

    michelangelo-They're so cute! I wonder what I'm going to use them on! >w<

  6. i love the stickers and stationary and accesories! So cute ^_^ that was really nice of them :3

  7. Naka-It was, wasn't it? I feel like writing thank you cards, but I feel like that would be kind of geeky...

  8. Thanks :)
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