Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

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I just realized that I got the "Beautiful Blogger Award" from insertcake who has the cutest blog ever all about Lolita and other super cute things! For all of you that read my other blog, Obsessive Cuteness Disorder, you all know how much I love Lolita things! I wasn't quite sure what to do until Sophie cleared things up for me...Turns out I need to tell you seven facts about me and then link 7 bloggers/blogs who amaze me! This is going to be fun!

My Seven Facts!

One! My favorite types of music are alternative rock, electropop, and indie rock! My favorite musician of all time is Andrew McMahon, but I've really been into Nickasaur, A Rocket to the Moon, Amy Can Flyy, and One Night Only. There are tons of other bands that I like. Just ask!

Two! I hate how my voice get's all high pitched/nasal/ annoying, when I greet someone, especially guys...Just ask any of my friends and they'll tell you.

Three! I have an English/Scottish accent! It's the first thing people notice about me! People have told me everything from English to Scottish to New York to New Jersey to French. Since English is the most common, I'll go with that. I probably got it from my Scottish nanny! My friend, Connor, told me it's an East Birmingham accent. Is that a good or bad thing?

Four! I am really loud, when I talk. It's something that runs in the family, I think.

Five! I'm addicted to purikura! I have gone way too many times! The problem is, I keep making "promises" with people that I'll go. When they tell me I promised, I think to myself, "I did?" Sometimes, I think they're making it up...

Six! I really like stuffed animals. I have way too many. When I was little, I loved Hello Kitty, so everyone got me Hello Kitty stuffed animals. I probably have over 150...I have tons of other cute stuffed animals. That's why I take pictures of them all the time.

Seven! Let's make this a good fact about me. Hmm...I love to eat. It's not a normal "I Love to Eat" thing because we need to eat to survive. It's an, "I'm Eating All the Time" thing. Whenever people text me, I always respond with something like "Eating", "On my way to the fridge", or "Just got done eating..." The sad part is it's 100% true!

Seven Bloggers!

I wanted to link these people for the seven bloggers, but since I know them all in person, I think it would be unfair to post them up there. Sophie said it was ok, but I felt kind of guilty doing it, so I didn't put them up there, but I want to link them! Check out Sophie, Tiffany, and Rebecca!

This post took me so long to find just seven bloggers. There were so many I was considering...Sorry, if you didn't make the cut!


  1. congrats to this award ^o^ u deserve it!

  2. I like how you didn't tag me. AHAHA just kidding.
    I'm gonna post about our adventure tomorrow kk

  3. Kaizokumousy-Thank you! I want to link you in one of my stories with Rip Rip!

    The Sopher Gopher-I TAGGED YOU. LINK ME OK?

  4. You do deserve that award! You're blog posts are always fun to read, and interesting. ^.^ Your blog amazes me too! <333

    150 hello kittys! @_@ Ohh the thought of it is just so amazing ... -catches breath- I wonder where you keep all of them stashed. o.o

    Lol! Promises are the worst. D: I honestly don't mind if people break their promise, but there are some people out there that take it to heart and won't let you forget it. xD

  5. cingrats on the award and tha\nks for passing it too me ^^ i wanna hear ur accent now :3 im really bad at them :(

  6. hey congratulations for the award and yesh u deserve it ^_^

  7. P o o p e r-Thank you so much! I passed it onto you too! I keep most of my Hello Kitty's on shelves! XD

    Naka-You're welcome! I wanna hear your accent! I love British accents!

    Rakhshanda-Thank you so much! ^-^

    ♥Chocolate Lover♥-Thank you! ^-^ Your username is so cute!


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