Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy Thoughts

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Today, during 5th period, we were taken out of the media center and sat in the quad. There was an announcement that anyone who had a sixth period class on the first floor of building J had to meet in the quad. My next class was lacrosse practice and we store our stuff in a teacher's room in the J building. I figured since my class wasn't really in the J building, we just stored our stuff in there, that I should just walk over there. Turns out no one was allowed in and lacrosse practice was canceled. We were all wondering what happened in the J building and we came up with thoughts like fire, student break down, flood, and structural problems. Turns out, one of our English teachers had a heart attack and died. I just find it so crazy and weird how you can wake up fine one day and feel perfectly healthy, but then you end up dieing that day. It's just so weird and I just don't feel like it was right. He was actually fairly young. He was only 46 and he died of a heart attack. It's crazy isn't it? Our school is actually offering counseling for anybody who was especially close to him, in case they need help. I also wonder what the students' reactions were, when they found him dead...I just want to send out my best wishes to his family and friends.
On a topic that fits my blog's personality better.
I was going to buy tickets today, but I learned it was sold out already. What? Sold out after only one day? That's crazy, but I'm glad that Andrew is doing well.
I learned about this today and I really wanted to go for both Andrew McMahon and Grill Em All, but then I realized that it passed! I really need to get back into the habit of checking the Jack's Mannequin website every single day...


  1. wow - that's definitely crazy! sorry to hear that a teacher from your school passed away.

    thanks for the compliment. I hope she grows up to continue to draw - even if it's just for fun and not a living. ^_^

  2. Calia Yang-It's just so weird! Art is a great thing to be involved with!


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