Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and Tons of Desserts

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Yesterday, I went to go see Scott Pilgrim VS the World with Alexandra, Rebecca, and Rebecca's friend, Erica. This was my first time meeting Erica and Alexandra met Erica and Rebecca for the first time too! Our group worked out surprisingly well. We started off the day with lunch and Pinkberry! We got an extra large plain yogurt with milk chocolate shavings, chocolate chips, raspberries, and strawberries to share! Here are some pictures of it.
Doesn't it look super yummy? The plain yogurt had a lemon-y flavor to it, which tasted surprisingly good! We sampled all the flavors and none of them had much flavor, so we got plain, since it was the cheapest.
We were running out of time and we still had like half the container left. We grabbed a top for it and shoved it into Rebecca's purse, that way we could bring it into the theater. Since we were sitting in a row of four, we put half the yogurt in the top, so it would be easier to share.
Look at the theater! It's so empty! We were the only ones in the theater for awhile, but then five other people joined us. I thought Scott Pilgrim was supposed to be super popular. This was my first Michael Cera movie and I really liked him. He was so awkward that it was funny.
Later on, Alexandra told me how she had never had a funnel cake before, so Erica bought one for Alexandra, Erica, and me to eat. Alexandra chose raspberry topping. Turns out she love raspberries. We almost got a caramel apple to share that day, but we decided we had enough desserts for the moment...
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  1. Thank you for your sweet Comments >o<
    The Dessert looks soooo yummy *O*

    The Sky you were talking about is in the Hometown of my Boyfriend.
    I´ll visit him there next week<3

  2. Hmmmmm yummy... hahaha I love froyo.

  3. OH SO YUMMO!!! I love love funnel cakes!! man - now I wanna make some!! LOL

  4. mmmmm YUM!
    + thanks for your sweet comment :)


  5. PrincessRuki-You're welcome! I hope your trip goes super well!

    Ribka-Me too! :)

    Calia Yang-I've always wanted to try making it, but my dad says it takes too much oil to make! D: Plus, when it costs $3, it's cheaper to buy it .__.

    Lara Woodbine-You are most welcome! ^-^

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  7. yummy dessert and if anyone is caught with a camera they are kicked out in the cinemas i go to :(

  8. Naka-Oh really? It's probably the same here...I just didn't know it! D:

  9. looks delicious ^o^ nomnomnomnom~ ^^

  10. Kaizokumousy-It was! Om nom nom ^-^


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