Friday, November 12, 2010

Craft Fair Products

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Lately, I've been enjoying A Rocket to the Moon a lot more than I used to. I also haven't been listening to as much Nickasaur as I did a few months ago, so I'm getting back into the habit of listening to him because his music makes me smile.
Why am I excited you may ask? I'm going to be doing the craft fair today and tomorrow! I hope I can make some money off of this because San-X stuff is not cheap and they came out with something I really, really want! I decided I wanted to do a post showing you what I'm selling and hopefully, you'll like it. Originally, I had all these grand plans for today's post such as, another Megumi post, a rainy day photos post, a change in me post, or my birthday post! Instead, you (my lovely followers) got stuck with this, a post about my products!
Here's a small sample of my key chains that I made. I made both onigiri with "^-^" faces and strawberries.
Here are my super cute and super useful watermelon pouches. I made one for myself during summer and I use it to carry all sorts of things. I decided to sell them at the craft fair because they're just so useful!
I made some cake plushies too. The red ones are my red velvet cakes and the pink one is a strawberry cake. My dad sewed the strawberries on and he did the whipped cream part for me.
Here are my lovely flan plushies and a lollipop plushie. My friend, Lauren, already said that she wanted a short flan from me!
Here are some tarts I made. They're really cute and I think they make great decoration. Many of my friends have said that they like the blueberry and strawberry ones. Then Hilary said on Facebook, "No love for cranberries? D:"
Sorry that this photo is so cruddy. I took it last night, so we're working with the lighting in my house, which as I have stated before, stinks horribly. These were some extra tarts I made. We have a strawberry one with cream and a chocolate caramel one. The chocolate squares actually have little hearts embroidered on them!
Last, but most definitely the best, are my Frank the Onigiri plushies. I just love these ones so much, but I have this suspicion that I won't sell these ones for some reason...Hopefully, at this craft fair, I'll sell tons and tons, though. The only reason why I think I might not sell much is because maybe the people there just don't understand food plushies with faces. Maybe it's too Asian? The sad part about this craft fair is I'm missing art class, which is so much fun because the people in it are all so crazy and fun! I did a makeup art class yesterday and the people in it weren't half as interesting, but Frank, from my class, was there, so we talked a bit. By the way, I did not name the Onigiri plushies after Frank, my friend. In fact, I had never met him before, when I named the Onigiri plushies.
Do you like it when people use emoticons in their blog posts? Such as  ^-^, :), XD, T^T, etc? Do you find it cute or unprofessional?


  1. Thanks for the comment!!...

    I really love your blog!.. I've been reading your previous entries too...therefore i followed u...(*^o^*)/

    I am going to answer your question!...
    I do not think it is cute but i also do not think it is unprofessional...
    I rarely notice them to be

  2. i love emoticons ^^ and i love ur watermelon pouches so cute!

  3. P2-Thank you so much! Also, thanks for your opinion on the emoticons!

    Naka-Thank you so much! ^-^


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