Monday, November 8, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

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On the day of Halloween, my dad and I carved pumpkins. I believe this was the latest we've ever carved our pumpkins!
These were our muses for the pumpkins. My dad was going to carve something scary like he usually does, but I persuaded him into doing a Hello Kitty pumpkin, while I did a Rilakkuma one!
These are all the tools we were planning on using. Doesn't it look like a creepy surgery table or something?
These are our pumpkins before we started to work on them. We didn't get good ones, since we waited so long to buy them this year.
I had to hollow out mine to make it easier to carve. Plus, no one wants the inside part, when they carve it, right?
These are the two drawings my dad and I did. Having the drawings on them makes it so much easier to carve!
These are our finished pumpkins. Don't you love how my dad made Hello Kitty's bow a bat? I think my dad did a better job then I did, even though he had a harder one to carve. Sophie and Rebecca think the Rilakkuma pumpkin looked like a Pedo Bear, which made me want to slap them right across the face! Hahaha, but I wouldn't do that!


  1. I love them both! Hello kitty's bat barrette is so cute. Now that you mention it ... he kind of reminds me of pedo bear too. XD -runs and hides-

  2. The pumpkin is so cute :3 hello kitty~

    you know I haven't done a pumpkin carving in my life >.<
    My reply to you :)

    btw,I think you are right.I will just save up my money for the better camera :) I really like this sony cybershot:) thanks for the advice it's very helpful.^^

  3. P o o p e r-Wah, my Rilakkuma isn't too Pedo Bear-ish I hope! I should make a bat barette. That'd be pretty cute! :3

    kaizokumousy-You haven't? Come to the USA and you can carve pumpkins with us Americans! Haha, I think Americans are the only ones that celebrate Halloween to this extent, right? Trust me, I regretted buying my camera once I saw that camera! I want it so bad now...T-T

  4. Owh wow!!!~ THe hello kitty and rilakkuma pumpkin looks awesome!!! Well done! ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯~♥ And your blog is so~ cute!!


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