Monday, November 22, 2010

Late Birthday Presents

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I asked my friend, Megan, who I haven't seen in forever, what we were even talking about before and this is what she responds with, "I'm pretty sure it's something about Romeo and Juliet getting killed by Chuck Norris." How did we even come up with such a topic? Quite odd, huh? I just thought I'd share with you my birthday gifts that came a tad late. Never less, I still feel the love from my friends!
This is my super cute birthday gift from Tina. She got me a cute tofu cell phone holder, which I'll be using to hold my ipod, which always seems to be lost...I always find it though! She also gave me that cute little puppy key chain. The card was actually written on Shugo Chara stationary, which she then folded up to look like Amu's shirt!
Clare got me a super cute Hello Kitty cell phone charm, which I should layer with my other random Hello Kitty jewelry. Clare's letter was so sweet and the back (not pictured) was the best part. It said something like: To Audrey, a friend who has done a gazillion good things for me, half of it being homework help and the other half, things that are only known between us.
The chocolate bar is from this charity group I'm part of. They give a chocolate bar to everyone on their birthdays...Meanwhile, Hannie gave me a super wonderful gift. He gave me a $15 gift card to a local shop that sells random cute things, which I'll use to buy most likely stationary! I couldn't picture it because it had the address on it, but the gift card was super cute! He also gave me a coupon, which forces him to say I win. It's an inside joke! Haha, the expiration date is November 31st, which doesn't exist. When I told him that, he was like, "Took you long enough to notice!" Hannie is always doing things like that to me!
I just got this gift from Rebecca last night. She gave me so much compared to past years, so I was beyond shocked, but a pleasant shock. Although, I didn't up my game this year, so I'll make up for it for her Christmas present. She gave me such cute things. I especially adore the Rilakkuma stationary pack and the flan charm. I'm always on the hunt for flan items for some reason...Anyways, that's it for this post. By the way, I really recommend for you to check out the clearance racks or even the clothing in the opposite gender's area. I just got a great fedora from the guys' clerance section for only $10, when it's original price was $28!
Do you enjoy writing letters to your friends or family?


  1. omggg such a cute cell phone holder. i've always wanted a tofu toy :) happy belated birthday!

    <3 angie
    (ps i'm having a giveaway!)

  2. Meaningful gifts from close friends are the best. ;_;

    Aww the san-x bundle looks so cute! At first I thought the sea lion looking pouch was Rilakkuma. lol

    I like the idea of writing letters to friends/family but when I ever I attempt at it I get writer's block, or something. xD;

  3. Angie-Aww, you can try to get one online if that helps! I'll check out your giveaway as soon as I can!

    P o o p e r-Haha, at a fast glance, I might think that too! XD I just write whatever is going on in my life. I usually write in class after a test, so you can write what class you're in and what you did that day and stuff! :)


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