Thursday, November 25, 2010

Disney Brings the Spirit of Chrsitmas Home

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you eat tons of yummy foods and of course, turkey! I know I sure will. My dad and I cooked everything together, but it was mostly my dad...Yesterday I went to Disneyland with my mum because Disneyland is always so much fun. Plus, Disneyland always has the most amazing Christmas decorations!
According to the newsman, it was supposed to rain, so that explains the depressing grey clouds. It rained at night, so the newsman was right for once. What do you think of the Mickey Mouse wreath? I want one on my door.
This is Cinderella's castle. It's one of the smaller castles out of the Disney parks, but this one is the original, which in my mind, makes it the best!
So this is how they find out how long the line takes! I always wondered how they did that and for the first time in my life, I got the card. I thought it'd be funny to give it to the person at the back of the line, when I get to the front, just to mess with the wait time!
It's a Small World always has such nice light decorations. This is the outside and I think it's pretty amazing.
This is more of the decorations from the ride above. It's just so happy and puts me right in the Christmas mood.
Just another picture of the Christmas lights. How can this not put you in a good mood? Doesn't it make you want to give?
I took a bunch of pictures inside the ride because the decorations are the best on this ride.
Looking at these lights, gives me ideas for how I'm going to decorate my house for Christmas.
I love this wreath and I kind of want one for my house. It looks like pieces of candy surrounded by powdered sugar. That's so me, always thinking about food.
That's really all anyone wants during the holidays. We all want peace on Earth and just want everyone to be happy. I sound so cheesy, don't I? Now you're probably wondering why I only took pictures of one ride, right? It's because I only wanted pictures of the Christmas decorations and It's a Small World has the best decorations in the whole theme park. Wishing you a great Thanksgiving and great food, I must end this post.
Have you ever been to Disneyland or any other Disney theme park? What did you think of it?


  1. Oh, I've never been to disneyland, it's a dream that has yet to come true! Hopefully soon one day:)

    Lovely pics, darling! Happy thanksgiving!!

    p.s. I adore the miu miu kitty and sparrow mary janes so much too:)


  2. oh wow it looks great at christmas. i went there during the summer 2 years ago and it was fun. I'd like to go back and see all their x mas decorations!

  3. Haha, looks fun! And the card XD omfg!

    If you do make your own;
    make a waistpart, something from cotton and hem both sides, putting elastic in the top. Sew the tulle on that instead of right away on the elastic.
    And make sure you check the lenght of the white tulle, because mine is way longer one the first meter and then waaaay shorter! XD

  4. Sher-Thos mary janes have to be the cutest pair I've seen in a long time! I hope you make it to Disneyland one day! :)

    Pop Champagne-One day you should go back! Or you can try going to another Disney park! :3 I've never been to any other Disney, so I hope to make it to a different one, one day. :)

    Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita-You can probably trim it to make it more even. :)

  5. !!! i just went to disneyland on monday :D haha we took similar pictures of things

    <3 angie
    (ps i'm having a giveaway!)

  6. Ahhh. I've never been to Disneyland >_<" but I really really want to go !! It looks so goooooooood.

  7. Angie-I just missed you then! :( I went on Tuesday!

    Melody-When you go on your world tour, definitely make a stop at Disneyland! :D

  8. I've never been to disneyland :( I wish I could go there one day

  9. *high fives back* Horray for sales! :DD

    The Mickey wreath, I'm in love with it! ;__; I don't they have these at the Florida park ... maybe I didn't notice. D: lol

    It's a Small World ride has the most nicest Christmas decorations! I don't think Magic Kingdom one is as pretty as the one in Cali. :D Glad you had a lot of fun!

    Oh btw! I got the milk coffee flavored pocky at a comic book store too! I hope you'll be able to find it again. I've been trying to find Milk Pocky for some time now. @_@

  10. Oh I went to Dusneyland Paris when I was eight years old. Cant remember much of it apart from the fact that I was too short to attend on a lot of the rides ):

  11. 我 moi-I want to go to Disney Paris one day! I want to see if it's super different from Disneyland! :)


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