Thursday, November 18, 2010

Megumi Wants to be a Blog Hoarder

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Yesterday, in lacrosse, we ran 2 1/2 miles and then we did 40 hill sit-ups. Hill sit ups are where you lie on a hill with your head at the bottom and the feet towards the top and then you continue doing sit ups normally. It hurts like crazy. Then today, coach didn't show up, so one of the team captains coached us. She made us do all sorts of different drills and ab workouts, including push up planks, which are painful and too hard to explain...By the way, this post was written a long time ago from around Halloween time, so excuse me, if this seems terribly outdated.
Megumu, my little Rilakkuma, was being a camera hoarder, much like my friend, Maggie. The two of them have something in common, both love to take photos of themselves! Haha, here are some photos that Megumi demanded for me to put online from I think two different days?
I went to an Taiwanese style restaurant and ordered Apple Green Tea. Megumi immediately stole it from me! She may look cute and innocent, but she isn't!
After she got a firm grip on my drink, she ended up eating my lunch too, forcing me to order more food for myself! I hope she enjoyed my noodles and soup!
When it was time for me to toss the Megumi pumpkin, Megumi almost cried because she loved it that much! I almost felt bad about tossing it, until I remembered that she had stolen my dinner! Megumi isn't to be trusted. On a side note, I blame the internet for my horrible eyesight. My eyesight is getting worse and it's probably because I spend too much time online, commenting on blogs and stuff like that. I'll blame it on email and blogging!
Do you have to wear glasses? If so, is it 24/7 or is it only in class?


  1. sooo cute megumi^^ i like it wearing pink~

  2. do u wear lacrosse goggles ? :P

  3. HI, had to comment, I wear glasses because I like reading in the dark too much, plus I am addicted to the internet. XD;;;

  4. kaizokumousy-Megumi says thank you and that her favorite color is pink! ^^

    sarah-Yes, unfotunately...They looks silly, but it keeps me from breaking my nose! :)

    Ligaya-Yeah! *high five* I'm not alone! I used to read in the dark tons, but now I'm so tired that I just fall asleep! XD

  5. I dont wear glasses...XD
    Its weird cause I sit in front of the computer screen 24/7...o.o

  6. Ribka-Thank you so very much! :)

    P2-Whoa! You're beyond lucky! XD


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